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MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider serving the Baltimore, Washington, and Phialdelphia areas

MacMedics: An Apple Authorized Service Provider

Are you searching for an experienced Apple Authorized Service Provider that is also an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and a Macintosh consulting firm with Apple Certified Members of the Apple Consultants Network? How about a well-established Macintosh only company that has more than 200 years of combined Macintosh service and consulting as well as over 60,000 completed service calls on their resume? In business since 1989, MacMedics is the leading provider of Macintosh service and consulting in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide our award-winning Macintosh support and service at either your location or ours:

On-Site Macintosh Service & Consulting For Home, Business, & Government

Providing "house calls" to your home or office for Apple Macintosh computers or other Apple equipment has always been MacMedics' claim to fame. So, if you have a Macintosh problem, and need some Apple service, consulting, or training, chances are that one of our many iPhone-dispatched Macintosh Consultants are able to quickly pay you a visit.

MacMedics provides expert Apple Authorized Macintosh Service and consulting and training from our fully Apple Certified staff to ANYONE who needs it. You may have deduced that based our extensive list of business and government clients that MacMedics only supports Macintosh business users. That’s not true! If you have one Mac at your home, a small workgroup at your office, or a whole building full of Macs at a large business, organization, or goverment department or agency, we’re here to help!

Rather than simply relying on the band-aid approach that other companies frequently offer, we go way beyond just solving your immediate problem. Following our motto of "Healthy Macs are Happy Macs", we'll show you ways to reduce the problems you have and keep your Mac running (and employees working) in optimal condition.

MacMedics is very, very serious about providing workable Macintosh solutions during a computer crisis. There are firms who you can call for service, but nobody has the array of service parts, rental or loaner equipment, or the manpower to speed your Macintosh service results. We stock an an incredible array of parts like memory, hard drives, wireless cards, cables, case parts, and power supplies, so when you call we can take care of your problem quickly. In fact, all of our on-site Macintosh Consultants carry an inventory of our most commonly requested items. That way, if a part is needed, we are likely to have it with us and we'll take care of the problem on the spot. Other companies often have to make two trips or take the unit away for service.

Our rental equipment fleet is unrivaled and includes iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, PowerMac G5's, Mac Pros, G4, G5, & Intel Xserves, and Xserve RAIDs. When you're in the middle of production, and a unit goes down, MacMedics is ready, willing, and able to get you back on line and working as quickly as possible.

As many of our customers work in a fast-paced deadline-oriented environment, we offer a variety of maintenance programs to provide our clients with continuous, dependable service.

Our On-Site Service Territories Include:

Washington Office: Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and the majority of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

Baltimore Office: Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County.

Philadelphia Office: Philadelphia, and portions of Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware counties, as well as portions of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties in South Jersey.

With our purchase of Apple Authorized Specialist, macUpgrades, we have an especially high concentration of clients who rely on our Macintosh service, consulting and sales in the Bethesda, Silver Spring, Kensington, Chevy Chase, and Rockville areas.

See an open letter from Craig Hirai & Amy Wooden of macUpgrades endorsing MacMedics as their recommended Macintosh sales and service provider here.

MacMedics In-Lab Macintosh Service

While MacMedics is famous for our Mac "house calls" we also offer our same brand of excellent Apple Authorized Mac service for your "Apple Waranty or AppleCare" or "out-of-warranty" repairs in our Mac lab at two of our offices, (in Millersville, MD [Baltimore] & Lanham, MD [Washington]).

On-site service is not practical for every repair; in fact, some types of "open-heart" repairs are generally best-performed "in-lab", as they have unique issues better serviced in a more controlled environment.

We offer quick check-in, so that you can get on your way as quickly as possible. There's no waiting in line, no need to make an appointment to bring your equipment in, and, of course, there's never a case of you finding a parking space and lugging your equipment through the mall. Not 100% sure on where you stand with your Apple warranty? Send us a note with your serial number or give us a call and we'll check it out for you.

Good candidates for in-lab MacMedics service include:
  • Hardware repairs of MacBook Pros, MacBooks, iMacs, Mac mins, and Mac Pros.
  • Complex data recovery*
  • Component level repairs
  • While-you-wait memory upgrades, P-RAM battery, and Airport card installs
*After the recent onslaught of data recovery cases we've seen recently, we've updated our page on Macintosh data recovery by MacMedics. Please take a moment to read it over; it could be everything you need to save your data if something goes horribly wrong. In data loss scenarios, one wrong move can often be the single reason that the data is not recoverable. Please back up your data often! We've also added a page called that illustrates our 5 rules for data preservation and protection. It also explains why "retiring" your older hard drive is a good thing to do.

All MacMedics hardware repairs are warranted for a full year. Most Apple Service Providers only offer a 90-day warranty on replacement parts.

Call the MacMedics office in your area to discuss your computer problem, or just bring your sick, broken, or damaged Macintosh computer in for quick service. If you are bringing in something heavy or awkward, please feel free to ask for assistance carrying it inside.

MacMedics Nationwide Mail-In Macintosh Service

MacMedics is famous for our Macintosh repairs, so it's only natural, that folks from all over the United States who are not near an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider or overseas (We've had them from as far away as Iraq) would want to send their MacBook Pros and MacBooks to us (We also accept desktops). We also do overnight hard drive and memory upgrades for all Apple laptops. We specialize in handling data recoveries that are also under Apple warranty or AppleCare. Call us and we'll arrange to send you a shipping box, or ship your unit to us directly with our repair form filled out at the address below:

Mail-in Repairs
1131 Benfield Blvd, Suite H
Millersville, MD 21108

Why Have Your Macintosh Service Performed At MacMedics?

Don't forget that MacMedics can also honor your AppleCare warranty or your Apple factory 1-year warranty. We can offer some distinct advantages versus visiting other Apple Resellers or Service Providers.

1. No appointment is needed when you bring your computer in. Just drop it off anytime.

2. MacMedics is fast! We try to have any needed parts on order the same day you check in. We also have many common service parts in stock.

3. We're absolutely fanatical about ensuring your unit is correctly repaired and properly reassembled. See our MacMedics blog post regarding service obtained elsewhere.

4. If your Macintosh computer is too old to effectively service, or the needed repair to more money than is worth spending on an older unit, MacMedics will accept your old, broken, or damaged Mac as a trade-in on a new or used Macintosh.

5. Not located near an Apple Authorized Service Provider? You can ship us your unit yourself, or get in touch with us on details on how we can pick it up from you.

Having Macintosh trouble? Looking for an award-winning Apple Certified Member of the Apple Consultants Network or Apple Authorized Service Provider with a proven 17-year track record? Call MacMedics at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS, we are a well-established, Apple Macintosh consulting firm and Macintosh service and repair shop, with a great track record of helping Mac users in the Washington, Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, and Northern Virginia areas. MacMedics walk-in service center is located in Millersville, MD just off I-97 at Benfield Blvd. (10 minutes from Annapolis Mall or 15 minutes from Baltimore's Inner Harbor & M&T Bank Stadium), near Severna Park and Arnold. Mac Medics provides service and repairs, consulting, sales, and training exclusively for the Apple Macintosh computer platform. MacMedics services Macs in professional, educational, goverment and home environments. MacMedics is 100% Macintosh-only consulting and service firm. Our staff has over 200 years of combined Macintosh real-world experience and they have completed over 45,000 on-site service calls. Since 1989 we've been offering our progressive style of on-site Mac service, consulting, and training to the entire Mid-Atlantic area with no travel charges. Mac Medics: Expert Mac Service and Macintosh Consulting serving the Baltimore-Washington area. The Baltimore area's largest and oldest All-Macintosh repair shop.