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Start off 2018 with a new Time Machine backup system!

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The New Year is a great time to start fresh with a good backup system. Do yourself a favor and resolve to get a system to protect your data (and your family’s) installed as soon as possible. There are lots of options, and most are very inexpensive ($99.). Ask your MacMedics Engineer or Service Coordinator for help. We’ll be happy to help install a system that’s right for you.

Hard drives can fail at any time or any age, so it’s critical always to have a back up of your data. Our message must be getting out there because we see more and more clients who are in the planning stage of a backup system lose their data the day before they hooked the new back up system up. As ironic as that sounds, it happens all the time. People just put it off too long, and the risk catches up with them. With larger capacity hard drives available from Apple, that risk only increases the amount of data stored in one place. An automatic and reliable back up system should be put in place BEFORE you start generating data.

Another situation we commonly see is where a backup has been made, and the primary drive then gets erased (on purpose) in preparation for a move to a new computer or some other reason. It’s very, very important that when you make a back up with a plan to only have that data on solely the backup drive for a time, that you test to ensure your data is there. If the backup is bootable, then try booting off it to test. If it’s a Time Machine back up, then do some sample restores from a couple of different days. The rule here is if you’re going to be moving your data, it’s imperative that to check to see that data is valid before you erase your old data.

P.S. Don’t forget to backup your iPhone to iCloud or you Mac!

Written by Dana Stibolt

January 1st, 2018 at 11:11 am

Apple has reduced the price of iPhone replacement batteries

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At MacMedics, your iPhone battery (iPhone 6 and up) can be replaced in about 90-minutes without the trip to the mall, finding a parking spot, or waiting for days for an appointment for $29. Please call or email ahead to ensure we have a battery for you.

Written by Dana Stibolt

December 31st, 2017 at 10:16 am

MacMedics, an Apple Authorized Reseller & Premium Service Provider, seeks Apple Retail Specialists for our Severna Park store:

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MacMedics, an Apple Authorized Reseller & Premium Service Provider, seeks Apple Retail Specialists for our Severna Park store:

Come work for MacMedics, the company that revolutionized on-site AND in-lab Macintosh service, sales, support, and consulting in the Mid-Atlantic region. A unique opportunity to join the MacMedics team in is available to the right person.

MacMedics is seeking an Apple enthusiast to join our Apple Sales and Service Team. Candidates should be avid Macintosh users and well versed in computers and technology. This position would include helping check-in and check-out walk-in Apple repairs and upgrades, answering the phone, directing customers to the proper area, answering emails, filing paperwork, and general retail store sales and customer service.

This position does have the potential for career advancement into other roles at MacMedics.

We’re looking for a for a self-motivated person who is incredibly detail-oriented, and who can speak to clients on the phone with clarity, and communicate well via email.

Full-time, part-time, as well as evening and weekend hours are available.

Email your resume to

Written by Dana Stibolt

December 23rd, 2017 at 8:53 pm

Another happy MacMedics customer, who left us a 5-Star Google review:

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Another happy MacMedics customer, who left us a 5-Star Google review. We firmly believe in giving our customers all of the options, even if MacMedics is not the lowest price or the best way to complete the service. The reason we suggested the customer check on the AppleCare+ angle was because he did not buy the AppleCare at the same time he purchased the MacBook Pro. He was within a few months of the AppleCare+ announcement. He could have upgraded to that if he had known about that option.

“I can’t recommend these guys enough! They’re very honest and will do everything in their power to solve your issue, even if it means sending your business to Apple instead of them fixing it. MY STORY: So, in January 2017, I bought my first MacBook Pro, the one with the Touchbar, 15-inch, I had just bought it from Apple directly. I should have shopped local and gave the purchase to MacMedics but that’s a different story. Anyway, this month (December 2017) I had it in my backpack and accidentally dropped it! Boom, cracked screen! NOOOOO!!!!! I paid a lot of money for this bad boy because I’m a techy and must have all the latest specs on my electronics; I paid over $3400 for it, ouch!

So, today, I stopped by MacMedics to get a price quote on fixing the screen. I was unlucky and bought my computer 5 months before Apple offered AppleCare+. So, I’d have to pay out of pocket for the repair because my computer didn’t qualify for AppleCare+ because of when I bought it. Only computers sold in June or later could get AppleCare+ (AppleCare+ protects against accidental damage). MACMEDICS TO THE RESCUE: MacMedics gave me a great and reasonable price quote to fix the screen. But wait… they didn’t just stop there, the one gentleman who works there told me that there is a possibility that the Apple Store may be a little bit cheaper. So, I was going to go to get a price quote for the Apple store BUT WAIT….ONE MORE THING, he said since I had barely missed the opportunity to sign up for AppleCare+ (at that time it wasn’t available to me) I might be able to call Apple Support to see if they can help me out…maybe they’d make an exception? Long story short, I spent about 85 minutes on the Phone talking to everyone at Apple (except Tim Cook). Apple decided to make an exception and waive the full cost of replacing the screen. So, thanks to MacMedics, I was able to save hundreds of dollars. I’d never have thought about calling Apple and would have eaten the cost of the repair. MacMedics will definitely go above and beyond to help anyone! I really appreciate their help and honesty! I’d recommend everyone to go there for all of your Apple Product Purchases and repairs. They’re an impeccable company and great people. Thank you, so much! – An Extremely happy customer.

A new 5-Star Review for an iPhone Data Recovery that we performed for just $99:

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A new 5-Star Review for an iPhone Data Recovery that we performed for just $99: “MacMedics is the best, Cody is amazing!!! My phone had water damage, and companies like ScreenSavers wanted $700+ to get my pictures off of it, which I could not afford. I was in tears, and then I drove past MacMedics. Cody recovered all my precious pictures and videos from my baby’s first year, priceless. Thank you to Cody, you have no idea how I thankful I am!!”

A note to anyone reading this: Not all data recoveries have a happy ending. We’ve seen the worst ones, like where photos of a loved one are lost forever. It’s SO easy to backup, so do that today! If you’re an iPhone user, the Apple iCloud backup service for iPhones is only .99 cents a month for 50GB or $2.99 for 250GB (which you can share with your whole family). I’m sure our happy customer would have paid that to protect her data. If you need help setting up a backup, just stop by any MacMedics office for free assistance. That goes for Macs too!

Written by Dana Stibolt

November 28th, 2017 at 8:08 pm

MacMedics Black Friday Deals

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MacMedics has some fantastic deals coming up for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday that you won’t want to miss out on:

$100 off any refurbished or used iMac
$50 off any refurbished or used Apple laptop
$75 in free Apple accessories or $75 off of a Time Machine backup drive with any new Apple laptop
$50 in free Apple accessories or $50 off of a Time Machine backup drive with any new iMac
Call or visit your nearest MacMedics to take advantage of these great offers before they end on Monday, November 27th.

Written by Dana Stibolt

November 22nd, 2017 at 9:43 am

Try to avoid 3rd-party iPhone chargers and cables

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We hear stories of 3rd-party iPhone chargers and adapters going wrong all the time. As you might expect, we usually tell customers to avoid non-Apple adapters and cables and stick with the genuine Apple accessories. Well, last night after my daughter went off to camp with my Apple charger and cable, I started rooting around for another charger to use. I happened across this one from a while ago. It’s not from the Dollar Store, and it’s a decent and reputable brand. Well, as I was watching TV, I started to smell something. It took a couple of minutes for me to figure out what was making the smell. You guessed it, my backup, 3rd-party adapter.

Moral of the story, stick with Apple, and even when using Apple, please monitor your chargers and cable for issues. If you have a frayed or torn cable or a device or cable that has a dark spot or gets hot, please discontinue use of that device and recycle it here at MacMedics.

From Adobe: “We’ll stop updating & distributing Flash Player by the end of 2020.”

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From Adobe: “We’ll stop updating & distributing Flash Player by the end of 2020. More about our plans & a look at what’s next:

Written by Dana Stibolt

July 25th, 2017 at 6:48 pm

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Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac

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Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac

If you choose to use Apple’s FileVault (I do!), it’s critical that you record your Recovery Key. The FileVault Recovery Key has two options. You can store it yourself (the most secure way), or you can store it with Apple using your Apple ID.

When Apple’s FileVault feature (included in the MacOS) is activated, and your computer is lost or stolen, there is NO way that someone other than you (with your Recovery Key) can access the data.

I just had to inform a customer that their data was no longer available because they changed their password and then promptly forgot it. When you are required (or decide) it’s time to change a password, we advise that you pick the password you want to use in advance and write it down.

Apple laptops are popular targets for thieves, so protect yourself by enabling FileVault and activating Find my Mac. That way if the unit ever connects to the InterNet after you lose it, you have the option of locating it and erasing it.

Written by Dana Stibolt

June 12th, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Apple refreshes the iPad line

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Apple refreshed the iPad lineup overnight last night. They discontinued the popular, low-end 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and replaced it with a new entry-level unit, now referred to as just “iPad.” The specs remain close to those of the iPad Air 2, but the processor got a needed upgrade to the 64-bit A9. The price of the new iPad dropped in comparison to its predecessor, with the 32GB Wi-Fi model starting at $329 and the 32GB Wi-Fi and Cellular model going for $459

The iPad mini 2 was dropped from the iPad family as well. The iPad mini 4 with 128GB prices at $399 is now the only option in the iPad mini line. That’s a nice bonus, as the $399 price used to be for the 32GB version (which is no longer available).

Apple also made a few other small updates. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is now available in the (Product)RED aluminum finish, and the iPhone SE now has storage options of 32GB and 128GB, which is double the previous capacity.

MacMedics does have some iPad mini 2 32GB models in stock at reduced prices.

Written by Dana Stibolt

March 21st, 2017 at 10:30 am

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