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Your Macintosh Service Advantage: MacMedics Is Exclusively Apple!

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Your Macintosh Service Advantage: MacMedics Is Exclusively Apple!

As the Apple Macintosh family of computers and other Apple devices like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone become increasingly more popular, more and more computer repair places are offering “Mac Repairs” as a “Side Business”.

It’s tempting for PC centric computer shops to try and grab a new revenue stream by cashing in on the increased number of Macs in the marketplace. Do you really want a PC guy/gal at a PC shop or at a big box store, who is not trained, certified, or authorized in Apple service guessing their way though your Apple repair? We didn’t think so.

We’ve seen some amazing cases of Apple service gone horribly wrong at both big box stores and at independent shops. In fact, we’ve had situations where a computer repair place has tried to fix a Mac, botched or misdiagnosed the repair, only to bring it into MacMedics for us to bail them out of a tough Mac repair situation.

When you’re looking for an Apple Authorized Service Provider for your broken Macintosh or Mac data recovery case, you really should seek out an experienced and professional Macintosh service organization with ALL of the Apple Credentials and Authorizations, such as MacMedics.

MacMedics is a very well established (since 1989) Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller, as well as Certified Members of The Apple Consultants Network. We have an impressive 22-year history of exclusive dedication to the Macintosh computer platform. We were offering a third party alternative to stuffy Apple Dealer service way before the Apple Store, and way before anyone else in the State of Maryland. In fact, MacMedics was offering on-site Macintosh service in the late Eighties during a time where such a service was considered “in-shop” and “on the bench” everywhere else.

Our Apple service part inventory is quite likely the largest collection of Apple service parts in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since MacMedics bought out macUpgrades of Bethesda, Maryland we acquired all of their Apple Authorized service parts. That’s like having a DOUBLE 20-year accumulation of Apple factory service parts and other supplies! Not only do we have hundreds and hundreds of genuine Apple service parts in stock, we also have tons of vintage and obsolete Apple service parts so we can repair any Macintosh computer ever made. We also have our own Macintosh computer museum so if there is a special service situation where we need to access data from 20 years ago, or make something work in order accomplish a special task, we can do that too!

So when it comes to the most basic Mac repairs, or services like hard drive replacements/upgrade and memory upgrades (ours come with a lifetime warranty by the way), or the most advanced services like Macintosh data recovery or liquid spill rescue, you can count on MacMedics to be there to provide an accurate diagnosis and the correct and appropriate repair for your Macintosh computer.

MacMedics is the leading Apple Authorized Service Provider for Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis, Columbia, and Towson, Maryland. Our On-Site service and consulting that is available throughout the Mid-Atlantic region is our claim to fame, but we’re also quite well known for Apple Authorized sales as well.

MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and an Apple Authorized Government Reseller, and as such we have the Authorizations from Apple to not only sell the full Macintosh Computer line, but also to resell the iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

If you have a unit that is beyond repair, or just one that you put to the side a few years ago, we’ll accept it as a trade in on a new hardware purchase or as credit towards a repair or data recovery. Even if the hardware you have is very old, or extremely damaged, we’ll still accept it for e-waste recycling. So, drop off your broken PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPod, cell phone, or other small electronics like hard drives, small printers, or other reasonably sized electronics, cable, power supplies and adapters for free recycling.

With our two fully staffed Apple Authorized Sales and Service locations serving the Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC area as well as the entire Washington DC and Baltimore region, we’re a great place to drop a sick Mac off for repair. Our office in Millersville is 1/10 of a mile off I-97 and our office in Lanham is 1 mile outside of I-495/I-95 and 1/2 mile off of RT 50. No appointments are ever necessary!

If you live in Annapolis and commute to Baltimore or Washington DC or vice versa, then you drive right past one of our offices on every trip you make on I-97 or RT-50. Stop in to see us with your sick or broken Mac, or swing by to pick up a cable, power adapter, iPod, iPad, or anything else Apple related!

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Apple Recognizes MacMedics Outstanding Service Performance With The Apple “Commitment To Excellence Award” For Q1

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We are pleased to announce that MacMedics has once again been awarded the Apple Service Commitment To Excellence award for Apple Service.

The Apple Service Commitment To Excellence Program recognizes the top 10 percent of all Apple Authorized Service Providers in the U.S. and Canada who have implemented and utilize best practices to maximize their Apple Warranty Service offerings. Only 265 Apple Authorized Service Providers earned this award this quarter.

The Apple Service Excellence (ACSE) scores measure two items that directly impact consumers who are seeking Apple Service.

1. Repair turn around time. (Was the repair performed quickly?)
2. First-Time fix. (Did we correctly diagnose the problem the first time we looked at it?)

As one of the oldest and largest Apple Authorized Service Providers in Maryland (and the only company with two full-service locations), MacMedics strives to repair Apple computer quickly and accurately.

Most Apple repairs can be completed at MacMedics in about 1-day. Consider that you don’t need an appointment; you don’t need to carry your Mac gear thru the Mall, and that you don’t have to wait in line or fight the crowds at the Apple Store.

See our MacMedics Blog post on why coming to MacMedics is better then visiting the Apple Store for Apple Authorized Service at

Another 5 Star Review For MacMedics Baltimore From Yelp

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Another 5 Star Macintosh Service Review For Mac Medics Baltimore From Yelp.

One of the things that we’re famous for is taking care of older Macintosh hardware. In the case below, the client had a dead G4 iMac, and it was obviously beyond repair. She ended up making a visit to the Annapolis Apple Store, and it was too old for them to work on. So while cracking open a dead iMac is not super advanced “data recovery”, we still could do it, and we knew how to do perform that particular operation. This is where the 50,000 (Update 3/11/14: now over 65,000!) plus Mac service work orders we’ve logged since 1989 come into play. Add that to our Apple Certified employees who have well over 200 combined years of Macintosh experience, and well, we can take care of just about anything!

Come visit our fully stocked and staffed service center in either Millersville or Lanham, Maryland, where our square footage dedicated to Apple Authorized Service is larger then most Apple Stores you find in the mall.

MacMedics is terrific. All the staff: Dana-Jason-Tinika are really helpful/knowledgeable/patient. They can do anything/all that an Apple Store can do, but they know so much more. I took in my ancient-one of the first iMacs and they removed the old drive/loaded that plus all what I wanted into my new iMac. I even purchased AppleCare. I can’t say enough about how good the customer service is. Grade? A+.

A definite recommend.

Annapolis, MD

MacMedics: When you do what you love and you love what you do it shows in your customer service

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Whenever MacMedics completes an Apple warranty repair, Apple e-mails our mutual client for a rating of our Apple Authorized Service.

These surveys are conducted anonymously, so we never know whom has made a particular comment. You don’t have to fill out the comment section, but our clients seem to have good things to say about MacMedics.

Here are three additional comments from last week’s Apple customer survey:

1. As always the people at Mac Medics were right on point and offered the best quality service. I have never been disappointed with any visit to them and would highly recommend them to anyone who needed service.

2. They went beyond just repairing the problem. They made recommendations and then provided solutions as to how I might prevent the possible consequences of the problem in the future. I am highly satisfied with every aspect of their service.

3. This MacMedics location is unbelievable….repaired in under 24 hours. Called me to come pickup and explained all repairs and warranty issues.They are definitely the hardest working group in your network. I can’t say enough abut their professionalism and attention to detail.

If any of these comments are yours, thank you for the positive feedback!

Apple selects MacMedics (again!) for the Commitment To Excellence service award

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We are pleased to announce that Apple has selected MacMedics for a quarterly Commitment To Excellence service award for the second time. Only 179 Apple Service locations were honored with this award putting MacMedics in the top 5% of all Apple Authorized Service Providers in the United States and Canada.

MacMedics is one of only three AASP’s in Maryland to receive this award, and the only Mac shop in Anne Arundel County with this prestigious rating from Apple.

Apple gives out this award for the Apple Authorized Service Providers that score the highest in the following four categories of performance.

1. Repair turnaround time – How fast can MacMedics repair your Macintosh and return it to you. This is a longtime key factor that has won us this award and others before. Our professional clients use their computers to make money, the longer it’s off-line the less money you make! This is why we’ve worked so hard for 20 years to get your Mac back on your desk as fast as possible!

2. First time fix – Did we nail the repair the first time? You bet! This is one of the reasons that our techs are the best. We carefully follow Apple’s technical manuals to find the bad part and then we replace it. This is the reason our techs are Apple Certified. We call it the “sniper shot” repair. We only want to replace ONE part and we only get one “shot” to impress you, our client.

3. Fewest number of parts per repair – When you’re wrong on which part is failing, then you have order a “second” part from Apple. Since we normally get it right on the first attempt, we have a very high score in this category as we generally only need to order one part per repair.

4. Fast bad part return – Apple wants their defective parts back as quickly as possible, so they can be analyzed and inspected. We do the repair quickly, so our bad parts are on their way back to Apple Service HQ the very same day we perform your repair.

If you haven’t used MacMedics before, then come visit us and find out what makes us the best place for Apple service in Maryland! You’re busy, so don’t fool around when it comes to Mac service and repair. We’re fast and no appointment is ever needed for walk-in service. See our post about Nine reasons not to wait in line & fight the crowds at the Apple Store or anywhere else for more info on the MacMedics advantage.

See the full text of the award at this link.

MacBook Seagate 7.01 & 3.CAE Firmware Hard Drive Failures

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Update 2/4/11: Apple completed it’s repair extension program covering the Seagate 7.01 type drives on February 04, 2011.

Update 2/1/11: We’ve noticed (and others on the Internets) that Seagate drives that have the firmware version of 3.CAE are in the same category as the Seagate 7.01 firmware drive that are prone to catastrophic and sudden failure. MacMedics STRONGLY recommends that both the Seagate 7.01 AND 3.CAE hard drives should be replaced no matter where they are installed or how old they are. Having an effective back-up is great protection, but if you’ve got a ticking time bomb in your computer it could blow up at anytime, and you could still lose data. Also, no time is a good time to have your hard drive blow up. It could happen before a big trip or project and the computer would be unusable until the drive was replaced, and the data that you HAVE backed up can be restored. In some cases that could take an entire day as Time machine often take several hours to fully restore. Also, MacMedics recommends having a clone of your hard drive in addition to your Time Machine back up. Read all about Time Machine warnings here.

Update 2/16/10 Apple announces repair extension program for MacBook Seagate 7.01 hard drives. Get details from If you have an affected MacBook, call MacMedics and we can arrange to have hard drive replaced.

This post has been updated on 3/11/09. It appears that more of these drives are starting to let go. MacMedics is recommending a proactive approach. These drives should be replaced before they fail outright.

We have seen a number of MacBook hard drives fail due to a certain type of failure. 2.5 inch SATA Seagate hard drives with the firmware version 7.01 have a fatal flaw that can cause a serious hardware problem. In some cases we’ve also seen this drive supplied as an Apple service part and we’ve seen it in MacBook Pros and Mac Minis. Because of the nature of the failure, data recovery is usually NOT possible if this type of drive fails in the manner that we have seen. MacMedics is recommending that if you have this make, model, and firmware version of this drive, that you proactively replace it. For more info, please get in touch with your closest MacMedics office.

See this screen shot to learn how to identify if you have this drive installed or not:

Update 9/19/08: The affected Seagate drives do come in different sizes (we’ve seen both 60GB & 80GB). If you have a Seagate drive (look for the model that starts with ST) AND you have 7.01 firmware of any size capacity, then you should look to replace the drive.

Update 10/18/08: Several customers and folks who have read this post have asked about hard drive replacements. MacMedics offers four ways to replace this drive.

1. We can sell you a new hard drive, and ship it to you if you want.

2. We can sell you a new hard drive and install it in your MacBook at either our Millersville, MD or Lanham, MD offices for $49 plus the cost of the drive.

3. We can sell you a new hard drive, install it, and clone your data from your old drive to the new drive for $99 plus the cost of the drive.

4. We can sell you a new hard drive, install it, then install a fresh Apple OS (you could upgrade to Leopard here if you wish for $129 extra), then migrate your data from your old hard drive, and we will update your system for $150 plus the cost of the drive. This is our full service hard drive replacement where we update your OS, check all of your setting, clean the system out from top to bottom, so when you get it back it’s factory fresh with all of your data in place and ready to go.

Our drives carry a 3-year warranty.

Update 3/11/09: We’re still seeing these drives come in for data recovery. We had two in one day this week. Check your hard drive in your MacBook to ensure this drive is not in your Mac. If this drive kicks the bucket, there is only a small chance that it can be recovered. Any recovery attempt would have to be done in a clean room.

We are working with a data recovery company that has had “some” success in recovering the 7.01 Seagate firmware drives. If you are serious about recovering your data and willing to pay the “clean room” recovery price, which is about $1000, then feel free to get in touch with our partners at Gillware via this link.

If you think you have a Seagate 7.01 firmware drive and you think it has failed, it is extremely important that you leave it powered OFF! This failure can result in platter damage, so the longer the unit runs, the lower your chances for recovery. If you turn the drive on and you get three quick clicks in a row, then there’s pretty much no question that you have this problem. I’m looking for an audio recording to post here. I’ll Twitter about it when I post it.

This is a really serious problem. 1. If you know of anyone that has a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or a Mac Mini, tell them to check their drive before it’s too late. 2. Get a back up and test it often. 3. Don’t generate data you care about without having a back up! Hard drives are cheaper then ever (as low as $99 for decent 250 GB portable drive Pay $99 now or $1200 (or more later).

I’m working with a very sad client that lost 4000 digital photos to this exact drive failure. His drive has already been sent to one of the leading recovery firms, and they could not recovery any data from it, and told him it was a lost cause. Gillware is taking a second look at that same drive for free to see if they can see any data on it at all. Oh, and by the way if you do need “clean room” recovery Gillware will look at your drive and evaluate it for data recovery free of charge. They also have a very fair two-tier pricing plan for lower priced “non clean room” recoveries and full price for advanced “clean room” recoveries. If they can’t get your data you’d don’t pay anything. No crazy up front agreement, price ranges, or high pressure sales tactics either. Just the way I like it.

If you are shipping your sick hard drive off to a “clean room” recovery company (any company), don’t ruin your data recovery chances by packing and shipping your hard drive incorrectly. Packing peanuts are not safe to use, and make sure you have a static bag. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by our Millersville, MD or Lanham, MD office and we’ll be delighted to give you free shipping supplies and a static bag for wherever you’re sending your drive. Yup. We really do care that much about your data.

Update 12/5/09. We made a video to show folks what these drives sound like when they fail:

The “key” to good (and fast) Macintosh service

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Everybody loves a good Mac service mystery. I had one yesterday.

A new client stopped by the Millersville Mac Lab yesterday. He had been to the Apple Store, where our friends at Apple thought he needed a new Superdrive. It was not surprising to hear that, because when you rocked the machine back and forth the Superdrive made the craziest noise ever. It sounded like the drive had just fallen apart, and there was a part that had come unhinged inside the unit. The unit was only 2 weeks old, and the unit’s owner was in a hurry, so the Annapolis Apple Store sent him to us for a possible faster service option. (Thanks Annapolis Apple Store folks!)

He already had an Apple Service case number for the unit, and a new Superdrive was on the menu. We checked him in, and he left the shop. I gave the unit another shake to show a co-worker how crazy the unit sounded, and I saw a little corner of metal sticking out of the CD/DVD slot. I gently grabbed it with my trusty Leatherman pliers and removed a small key from the unit.

We tested the unit by playing a DVD, and it seemed to be fine, so we told the client to come pick it up. He made it back in about 20 minutes, and was amazed we had it figured out so quickly. He had no idea how the key found it’s way into his Superdrive. It was his key from a long time ago, so perhaps it was in the bottom of his laptop bag and it just randomly ended up inside. It could also be his 6-year old put the key into the unit.

No charge of course, and another happy Apple service customer.

Written by Dana Stibolt

November 22nd, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Client feedback regarding Apple hardware repairs

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When we perform an Apple repair either in or out of warranty, Apple sends our client a survey to fill out regarding their repair experience from MacMedics. Here are some of the latest:

MacMedics has a very good reputation in the design community in Washington DC. This was my first time using them and they were excellent. MacMedics took the time to properly diagnose the problem and come up with a more realistic/affordable solution that so far has resolved my issues 100%.

Very knowledgeable and shared great advice. Better service and more communication then [other service providers].

Though the repair was very long and involved we were frequently updated and the service provider was always very polite and apologetic. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the service and very satisfied to have my problem completely resolved with just one service.

I will do all future business regarding my Mac computer with Mac Medics without question and will recommend Mac Medics to anyone I come across in need of Mac services.

Very helpful.

I thought the service at MacMedics was outstanding.

Written by Dana Stibolt

September 6th, 2008 at 11:29 am