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A new 5-Star Review for MacMedics Severna Park

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A new 5-Star Review for MacMedics: The Apple Authorized service and sales from MacMedics have been a great resource for my business and home Mac networks. Between the office and home, I have at least two dozen Apple devices, several which I’ve taken to MacMedics for help, My experiences here, have been nothing less than first class! My Apple gear is serviced quickly the first time around, a rarity elsewhere, but not with MacMedics! When some items were not able to be repaired practically, I had them replaced at MacMedics. The owner is always on the premises and hands on. I have not been back to the Mall since MacMedics opened!! Thank you.

Dr. Rich Garden
Chesapeake Oral Surgery Associates

MacMedics Offers Apple Authorized iPhone Service in Severna Park, Maryland

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Reseller who is a Specialist is Apple Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV Service and Repairs. We are Anne Arundel County's ONLY Apple Authorized Service Provider and the Baltimore region's only Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider. MacMedics is located at 547 Benfield Road across from Safeway between Ritchie Highway and Veterans Highway.

MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller & Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider located in Severna Park, Maryland.

Our new retail MacMedics store in Severna Park, Maryland is going great! Thank you for the amazing support and welcome!

If you have not been by to visit yet, we’re an Apple Authorized Reseller and an Apple Premium Service Provider. (The only such place in Anne Arundel County – We service EVERYTHING that Apple makes currently as well as all Apple Vintage & Obsolete products. We are Apple Authorized to sell everything but the iPhone & Watch.) We were recently voted “Best of Severna Park” for “Computer Service”.

We’ve just added more staff and expanded and streamlined our Apple Authorized iPhone service.

If your iPhone is under AppleCare+ and you have a screen break, we can help! We will provide you with a FREE Apple supplied loaner iPhone while your iPhone is being repaired or replaced at Apple Depot. You just pay your AppleCare+ deductible of $29. If your iPhone is liquid damaged or seriously damaged, we can just request a new iPhone from Apple, and they usually come the next day. With this service, there is no free loaner, but you do get a new iPhone the next business day. As always, MacMedics service is with NO appointments!

If your ‪‎iPhone‬ is out of warranty and you need an Apple Authorized repair, we’re here for you. $25 rental iPhones are available while yours is being repaired. If you also need us to backup your iPhone (without data recovery) and place your data on your repaired iPhone, that’s $25 as well.

MacMedics is also able to offer iPhone Data Recovery. Just stop by and let us have a look.

In almost all cases, the official Apple iPhone glass/LCD service like we offer at MacMedics is LESS than a non-authorized 3rd-party repair from a non-Apple shop or kiosk.

Also, if you have the Verizon or ATT service plans, their deductible is $199, so you will be better off having MacMedics repair your iPhone screen/LCD break for less than that, and in the end, you still have a 100% Apple iPhone with 100% real all-Apple parts.

Non-Apple iPhone parts are just that, not made by Apple and thus not as reliable or durable. Plus, 3rd-party shops DO NOT properly place the iPhone screen back into the iPhone body, as it’s done by hand without calibration.

If you ended up with a non-Apple repair and you re-broke your screen (3rd-party screens are more brittle) or your 3rd-party screen reapir is not seated properly or just not working correctly, you CAN have MacMedics replace it with a genuine Apple Authorized glass or LCD service for the same price anyone would normally pay with an Apple screen.

Fly-By-Night iPod-iPhone Repair Startups Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Our Images

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MacMedics is no longer offering iPhone, iPod, or iPad repairs. See for more info.

Fly-By-Night iPod-iPhone Repair Startups Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Off Our Images

I fancy myself to be a pretty good photographer, but I’m NOT winning any awards or anything like former MacMedic Evan Bishop (If you’re looking for a GREAT Professional Photographer in San Diego, CA, please do look him up). As an amateur photog, I take a fair amount of of the pictures here at MacMedics. One of my images has been repeatedly ripped off for use by other iPhone service firms.

Why do less scrupulous iPhone/iPod service concerns keep ripping this image off? Well, here’s the reason: In order to take a picture of the highly reflective iPhone (shooting directly at the iPhone glass), you have to jump through some hoops to get the cracks to show up in focus. We then “lightly” edited the image of the broken iPhone in Photoshop to show off the cracks and make the image really “ad worthy”. We actually put quite a bit of work into just this one picture!

There’s quite an abundance of these “Fly-By- Night” businesses operating in the dark, murky waters of the Internet. A favorite place to hang up a shingle seems to be on-line classified giant, Craigslist. In most of the postings I’ve seen, there’s no website and no physical address to visit. So in essence, you’re going to hire a guy off Craigslist, who’s not part of a long-term reputable business, and invite him to your house to fix your iPhone? You might as well just wander over to your closest open-air drug market to see if you can find some small electronics repair help. Okay I’m sure that some of these guys are just trying to break into the biz, but really folks, people have been killed by people they have hired from Craigslist (and other on-line classified ads services).

If the repair you have done has a problem, do you really think this guy will come back and re-fix the problem? Where are his parts coming from? Are they real deal or just “high copy” foreign counterfeit replacement parts that came from eBay?

In the long run, do you really want some guy who ripped off his advertising artwork from someone else working on your iPod or iPhone?

In the case mentioned in this Blog post, the Craigslist poster did not even bother to try and crop our logo out! I guess that might be good for us, as it’s advertising for MacMedics. Here’s a link to a large size picture of the Craigslist ad posting so you can get a close look at our logo.

Here’s a link to another instance of the SAME image being ripped off by someone else from a previous post about this topic from the MacMedics Blog.

MacMedics Frequently Asked iPhone Service Questions: How Easy Are iPhone DIY Repairs?

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MacMedics is no longer offering iPhone, iPod, or iPad repairs. See for more info.

We’ve blogged about “Do It Yourself” iPhone 3G and 3G S repairs before, but we wanted to post this.

This iPhone 3G S was dropped and it’s top glass is broken. It’s owner bought a new glass/digitizer off the Internet after he watched a DIY video that made the repair look pretty easy to handle. Sadly, in the process of trying to remove the glass from the iPhone he also broke the iPhone’s LCD. So while this well meaning client was trying to save a few dollars, he could have had the unit fixed same day if he had just brought it in to MacMedics.

See large size photo of this iPhone 3G S here.

You can see all of our previous posts about our warning regarding DIY iPhone repairs at this link.

I’ll recap three things here:

1. It only costs about $20 to $30 more to have MacMedics fix your iPhone or iPod. If you figure in ALL the costs: The replacement part, the shipping of that part, is the part you ordered BOTH the correct part and actually genuine?, the special tools needed, the correct adhesives to attach the parts, the fact that MacMedics will warranty our work for one year, and the fact that if you try the repair yourself, you’re taking on a whole bunch of risk. (Trust us folks, the people who sell the parts WANT to make it look easy, it’s not. Plus, many of the bloggers that HAVE done the repair, say if given the choice, they would not do it again!)

2. How fast do you want to have your iPhone fixed? How about same day? If you buy a part on-line, you have to wait for it to arrive, pay for shipping, and then have the time to perform the repair.

3. Are you properly grounded for static? Most likely not! Our techs perform all repairs in a static safe environment and perform the work while they are properly grounded. Our lab facility has been inspected by Apple and meets their requirements for Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Written by Dana Stibolt

January 5th, 2010 at 11:33 am

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or in this case, copyright infringement.

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MacMedics is no longer offering iPhone, iPod, or iPad repairs. See for more info.

MacMedics is well know for our award-winning Macintosh service & consulting, as well as our iPhone & iPod repair. So much so, that other firms offering similar services have ripped off our name, our look, and even our ads.

In the case listed below, the image used in our ad was a photo that we actually took in our office. believe it or not, it’s quite difficult to get a picture of an iPhone facing the camera straight on. The iPhone’s glass or lens reflects right back to the camera so getting a good shot was no easy task. In order to get the shot for this ad, we created our own “white box” to place the iPhone so we could get the best shot possible.

MacMedics holds a U.S. Government Trademark on the name “MacMedics”.

Here’s one of the more recent cases of someone ripping MacMedics off. In order to prevent unintentional promotion for the other business, the names and information have been blurred out to protect the not so innocent.

I did e-mail the firm that posted this ad, and while they offered no apology or explanation, they did change the ad so that our image was no longer in the ad. They also switched up the layout of the ad, so it no longer appears to be a direct rip off. For that, I thank them.

Written by Dana Stibolt

December 5th, 2009 at 4:30 pm

MacMedics Cyber Monday deals: iPhone glass repair $30 off and MacBook LCD repair $100 off!

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MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and as such we service every item that Apple makes, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. See for more info.

Update: 12/28/10 MacMedics has lowered our iPhone 3G & 3G S glass/digitizer repairs. iPhone 3G is now $79 and iPhone 3G S is now $89. Plus all iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, and iPhone 4 “Back Glass” repairs are performed as While-You-Wiat repairs in our Millersville, Maryland office in about 10 minutes. See all the details here. Flat fee FedEx Ground shipping anywhere in the USA is only $10!

MacMedics Cyber Monday deals: iPhone glass repair $20 off and MacBook LCD repair $100 off!

So maybe your iPhone had a hard Thanksgiving, if so your friends at MacMedics have you covered with good deals on our iPhone glass/digitizer service.

iPhone 3G glass/digitizer/lens repair only $79 (Regular price $109)

iPhone 3G S glass/digitizer/lens repair only $89 (Regular price $129)

If you MacBook is home from college or just got caught up in some holiday hi-jinx and ended up with a broken LCD, we’ve got that too.

MacBook (Black or White plastic model) parts and labor $249

These special prices are only good Monday and Tuesday (November 30th and December 1st 2009). Must metion “Cyber Monday” to get sale price. If you can’t get you device to us in time, call us to set up your repair, and we’ll hold the price for one week until your unit reaches us.

Return FedEx Ground shipping is included for all three deals. Upgrade to FedEx Express for only $10!

Call 1-866-MAC-MEDICS to set up your repair!

Written by Dana Stibolt

November 29th, 2009 at 5:59 pm

MacMedics iPod, iPhone 3G & 3G S Service And Repairs Are Performed Same Day!

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MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and as such we service every item that Apple makes, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. See for more info.

Some of the other Internet based firms that offer iPhone service and repair are now making a big deal out of how they now accept walk-in repairs, and that they also same day iPhone service. MacMedics has always offered same day iPhone and iPod service. Drop your sick iPhone or iPod off in the morning, and we’ll have it done by the end of the day (in almost every case).

Even if you send us your iPhone or iPod, we normally have it fixed and back on the FedEx truck the same day it arrives. If you need us to send you a pre-paid FedEx label, just e-mail us your name, address, and phone number, and we’ll e-mail you back a PDF of a label. We just add $10 onto your repair for this service.

Do you have a 3G iPhone and you’re in an extreme hurry? Well, MacMedics does offer the iPhone 3G “Apple” broken glass or LCD repair solution. We can replace the entire top half of your iPhone 3G while-you-wait in about 5 minutes. Same price as Apple, $199. If you become a MacMedics “fan” on Facebook, and we’ll knock $10 of any iPhone or iPod repair!

I recently updated my Blog post warning against Do-It-Yourself iPhone repairs. I’ve copied-n-pasted a teaser below for your reading enjoyment. If you care to read the updated post, you can find it here!

We are seeing more and more iPhones that have been damaged during do-it-yourself repairs. Folks, the videos you see on-line make it look very easy. There’s a reason for that, the companies that make these step-by-step videos on iPhone and iPod disassembly and repair are the same people that are selling all of the parts, tools, and supplies you need to perform the repairs. They want it to look as easy as possible and they often edit the video in their favor making it look like it’s easier then it really is and that it takes less time then it will take you. I can guarantee you that guy/gal in the video is NOT performing the repair you are watching for the FIRST time.

This blog post is a bit of rant, so if you’re already on the same page as me, and you think paying $20 to $30 plus parts cost, and getting FREE return shipping via FedEx to have my guys fix your iPhone right the first time, and you want to avoid the risk of trying it yourself then, just use this form. If you need us to e-mail you a pre-paid FedEx Express label we can do that too, and we’ll just add $10 onto your total repair. Questions? Just call us 1-866-MAC-MEDICS or Email us. 99% of the iPhones that reach us are fixed the same day the arrive, and we pack them back up and ship them back for next day FedEx delivery. If you’re local to the Baltimore-Washington DC area, then just drop your iPhone off in the morning, and we’ll have it done by the end of the day!

If you need more convincing, then keep reading.

Written by Dana Stibolt

November 8th, 2009 at 11:54 am

More on Do-It-Yourself iPhone repairs and cheap iPhone/iPod parts from the Internet

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MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and as such we service every item that Apple makes, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. See for more info.

Update: 8/29/10

With the iPhone 4 out now, this post is more important than ever. Here’s a few things you need to know:

1. The iPhone 4 is like the original iPhone 2G. The glass, LCD, and digitizer all all fused into one piece. What does this mean for repairs? It means that if you buy iPhone 4 “glass” from eBay or Craigslist, it’s totally useless. You simply can’t install just the glass on an iPhone 4.

2. The iPhone 4 is more advanced than ever, and it’s not quick job to swap the glass and LCD. There are lots of small and different sized screws, and the iPhone is built upside down (just like the Uni-Body MacBooks). In order to even get to the broken glass, the entire iPhone needs to be taken apart. The last part to be removed is the glass, so there
are lots of layers and little parts.

3. Is the place you’re taking your iPhone to be repaired an experienced repair shop? Are they using a static safe work bench to take your iPhone apart in? That guy at the mall or the one working out of the back of van is most likely not.

Update: 1/5/10

See all of our iPhone “Do-It-Yourself” warnings posts at this link. They have become some of the most popular posts on the MacMedics Blog because they are true. Check’ em out!

So we’ve been over this before, but well meaning folks are still trying the Do-It-Yourself route on iPhones.

By our calculations you might save about $40 by doing the repair on your own, when trying to fix an iPhone 3G. If you make a mistake it’s going to be more. Also, if you’re considering this route, be sure to factor in all the costs.

1. Parts (are they real or copies?)

2. Shipping (How much will it cost to get them to you, do you have to pay to send them back if they are the wrong ones or defective?)

3. Tools (Does the part include the right tool?)

4. Supplies (Does the part contain all the supplies needed to install it?)

5. Time (How much time will it take for you to compete the repair? If the repair goes wrong how much time will it take for you get your iPhone back on it’s feet again?

6. Warranty on parts (Are the parts guaranteed, or did they come from an anonymous seller on eBay?)

7. What’s the risk factor of doing a complex iPhone repair you’ve never done before.

The people that sell the parts are often the same people that make the step-by-step videos. Yes! it looks easy on video, because they edit out all the re-tries to remove the broken glass, the part where they get cut, and where they crack the LCD and/or destroy the iPhone’s frame.

When you take apart an iPhone the first few times, you’re going to mess something up. We know because we’ve seen the end results. Even if you bail on your DIY repair and come to us, our service might end up costing more if we have to un-do a previous repair attempt. MacMedics has performed the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S screen/lens/glass/digitizer repair thousands of times, so we know what we’re doing, and we can do it fast!

We had to share this e-mail and photos with you. The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

“Hi, I wanted to contact you to find out if you can help me fix my iPhone 2g.

The glass of the phone got cracked, and mistakenly, I bought the parts and tried to fix it myself. Unfortunately, as you can see on the pictures I am sending attached, I ended up with a bunch of screws, battery, hard drive and other internal parts of the iPhone. I also bought a blue black part to change the original one, which was way too scratched and old.

I have every single piece with me and would like to know if you guys accept phones in this situation, I would like to know how much it would cost me to have it fixed.

Thank you.”

See this photo in a large size

Needless to say, this iPhone is likely beyond our help. As this is really bad and it does not appear to be disassembled in a static safe workspace to boot.

Here’s our current iPhone and iPod price list. Click on it to see it large size.

Written by Dana Stibolt

October 18th, 2009 at 6:47 pm

MacMedics introduces While-You-Wait iPhone 3G glass/digitizer service

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Thank you to our loyal MacMedics clients, who keep bringing us more iPhones to fix AND for telling their friends about us.

We’re finding that more and more iPhone users are just super, super dependent on their iPhones. Heavy duty users can’t even stand to leave their iPhone for same-day service (Usually only a few hours). So, to help the people that need a repaired iPhone 3G right now, we now offer Emergency While-You-Wait glass/digitizer service for the iPhone 3G (iPhone 3G S Emergency service is coming soon!)

Just bring your broken iPhone 3G into our Millersville Mac Lab and we’ll just install a new iPhone 3G top glass, digitizer, home button, and frame (all at once) for you in about 5 minutes. Maybe you’re catching a flight out of town (at nearby BWI), or you just need to get back to work right away, we’ll do it on the spot for you.

A nice side benefit, is folks that have both the common broken glass (the iPhone 3G lens) AND a broken LCD (the screen under the glass) and want their iPhone fixed on the spot can also have the repair done in about 5 minutes.

The price for this service is $199. with a 1-year warranty on the new part. Show us that you’re following MacMedics on Twitter or sign up for the MacMedics e-mail newsletter and we’ll knock off $10 this or any other iPhone, iPod, or Macintosh service!

Just give us a call at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS for more details.

Written by Dana Stibolt

September 30th, 2009 at 6:22 pm

MacMedics offers iPod Nano 4th gen. glass and iPhone 3G dock connector repairs

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We’ve been doing tons of iPhone 3G and 3G S repairs, so a big thank you to all of our new customers for sending units in, and many thanks to old customers for all of the referrals!

Our most popular repair continues to be the iPhone 3G glass/digitizer repair, which we perform with one-way FedEx shipping for $109.99. MacMedics is now also offering the iPhone 3G S glass/digitizer repair as well for $129.99 with one-way FedEx shipping.

We’re also adding a new iPhone 3G repair to our repertoire, as we now offer the iPhone 3G USB dock connector repair for $80 including one-way FedEx shipping.

Another new repair to join our list is the Nano 4th Generation glass lens replacement, which we offer for $69 with one-way FedEx shipping as well.

If you need to send us one (or more) of your sick iPods, iPhones, or Macs for repair, you can use this form to send with your unit. It even has a USPS shipping label you can clip out if you are sending via U.S. Mail.

Don’t forget we’re one of only a few repair firms that take trade ins of ANY iPod or iPhone in ANY condition. Use the value of something that’s just hanging around gathering dust to help defray your repair cost. Just make a note on your repair form, and use a piece of masking tape to label your trade in as “CREDIT”

Thanks, and always feel free to get in touch via e-mail if our service team can be of assistance or if you’d like to request two-way FedEx shipping for any repair. We’ll just e-mail you a PDF of a pre-paid FedEx label for return shipping. For this service we’ll add just $10 to your bill.

Written by Dana Stibolt

September 28th, 2009 at 8:48 pm