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How Valuable Is The Data On Your Laptop??

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So it’s one thing to lose your data and have it be lost forever due to a hard drive failure, but it’s something else entirely when that data could be used for illegal purposes by someone else or a competitor.

ALL computer users, Mac or PC, need to have a tested and reliable backup in place! You never know what might happen to a laptop computer. Since you’re out and about, it could get lost, stolen, wet, or damaged (by you or someone else by dropping it). Even if you’re not out on the road, there are still lots of things that can happen. Check out the story we posted a few weeks ago about a client who sadly had her house burn down and lost the data on her MacBook as a result. You can also read the posting about the client with an iMac set up on an Ikea glass desk that collapsed unexpectedly and took out her iMac and backup.

It’s one thing to lose your laptop, but even if you have your data backed up, that does not necessarily stop the thief from using that data to steal your identity or your sensitive information (love letters, banking info, or your photos). With Back to my Mac installed (free from Apple) or Lojack for Laptops, you can secure your data and/or erase it before the thief can get to it.

Here’s a quick overview on Back to my Mac:

OS X and iCloud can help keep your Mac safe even when you misplace it. Sign in to from another computer or use the Find My iPhone app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to locate your missing Mac on a map. If your Mac is offline when you try to find it, you can ask to receive an email as soon as it makes a Wi-Fi connection. You can also display a message on your Mac screen so whoever has it knows how to get it back to you. And until your Mac is back in safe hands, you can set a passcode lock remotely, or even initiate a remote wipe to delete your personal data and restore your Mac to its factory settings.

Via Absolute Sofware’s Blog regarding Lojack for Laptops.

A Rutgers Chemistry 5th year PhD student, Jingming Zhang, is desperately seeking the data from his laptop, which was stolen from a school building. The student has placed an ad up pleading for the return of the computer, saying:

“I would like to say that you can keep the computer and I would like to pay you money for my data.”

The unfortunate student is willing to pay $1000 for the return of the data and even offers the password for the laptop to help retrieve the file. The laptop went missing from an unlocked room in Wright-Rieman on campus, which houses the laboratories. The laptop was left unattended for a long span of time, so the exact time of the theft is not known.

How much is your data worth? Back up your Mac now AND buy LoJack for Laptops now!

Lojack for Laptops is a product that MacMedics highly recommends for ALL of our clients! You can purchase it on-line via this link.

Also see our Blog post titled: Your Data: Not Always Safe

Last Minute Gifts Available At MacMedics Severna Park

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If you’re looking to avoid the Mall today, we have some great last minute gift ideas at some really great prices at the MacMedics Severna Park location.

Save $100 New & Custom Built and MAXED out MacBook Air 13”, 1.8GHz i7, 4GB, 256GB Flash, Intel HD Graphics 3000 $1599!

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Buy any iPod or Mac and get 25% off any case (hard shell, sleeve, or carrying bag)

We also have a wide selection of used MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. There is also a small number of iMacs and Mac minis available as well. All MacMedics refurbished Macs carry a full 1-year warranty.

MacMedics also carries new and used iPads. We have sold out for the holidays, but we are expecting some more in soon. If you’re looking to get an iPad or you’re already getting one for the holidays, we do accept trade ins and we also pay cash for them outright (in any condition).

1/12/12 Update Now 25% off LoJack for Laptops, the Mac OR Windows version makes a great gift. If you have a MacBook Pro road warrior or a college student, this is a MUST have item. Order here:

Written by Dana Stibolt

December 23rd, 2011 at 10:31 am

A Complete Backup Is BOTH Local AND Off-Site. Don’t get ROBBED Of Your Data!

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We’ve heard this story before:

We recently learned via another Apple Authorized Reseller about their client, an attorney on the West Coast, whose MacBook Pro and Time Capsule were stolen in a recent break-in. Everything he had was on those two devices.

If a drug addict breaks into your home or office looking for stuff to steal to fuel their next drug fix, they WILL steal anything that has an Apple logo on it and anything else they think might be related. They will grab ANYTHING else they think they can get as little as $5 for. The same holds true for most break-ins these days, if it’s not a quick smash and grab, crooks will steal ALL they they think they can get away with and will take their time to clean you out.

Update 5/19/14: One of our clients, a college student from St. Mary’s College of Southern Maryland, had her whole apartment robbed over the weekend. Her MacBook AND her backup hard drive were BOTH stolen. As mentioned in the case from the West Coast above, this is a situation where having a backup off-site would have been extremely helpful. For college students, Dropbox is a great way to have your data in two places at once. While not a real backup solution, Dropbox does offer a good way to store a good amount of school work and projects for free. It is however imperative to goto the Internet and CHANGE your Dropbox password and Apple ID or any other password that might be stored on your computer. When your computer gets stolen, you should also treat it as an identity theft. Also, for Dropbox customers with a stolen Mac computer, you might be able to contact Dropbox to get the ID address of your stolen Mac’s last IP address which might help the police catch who ripped you off!

You might be 100% totally backed up locally, which is AWESOME because so many people don’t even do that, but if your data needs to be backed up, you need three things to have a complete back up:

The important thing is to PLAN AHEAD. Your back up is not complete if it’s not:

1. Automatic (Use Time Machine and this point is covered)

2. Redundant (Double your back up with a clone of your data or use an off-site back up and this point is covered)

3. Off-Site (Take your double back up off-site or get Mozy or CrashPlan Pro and this point is covered)

If you’d like to sign up for CrashPlan Pro, we have links to that service below. We also have our own CrashPlan backup server which we offer for clients that want to backup with MacMedics

We also have a number of other backup related articles on the MacMedics Blog about Time Machine, backups in general, and some posts about disaster planning.

Don’t Play Trick Or Treat With Your Mac’s Back Up!

It’s Not A Real Backup Until You Also Have An Off-Site Copy Of Your Data

Be sure to read “The Nine Things We Wish We Did Before Our House Burned Down“. We have the list line by line and a link to the original post, which is a “MUST READ” for anyone that has a house OR a computer

Stolen MacBook Pro Alert

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We’re going to start posting serial numbers of Apple Macintosh computers that have been stolen from clients of MacMedics. The most recent additions will be at the bottom. If you know the wherabouts of one of these units, please get in touch with us at MacMedics so we can let the owner know.

MacMedics STRONGLY recommends LoJack for Laptops. Learn more and for limited time save 25% off this great software for your MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. LoJack is designed for use on portable Macintosh computers, but it CAN be installed on any Mac! Don’t discriminate against desktops!

Sign up for LoJack for Laptops for Mac here, and for a limited time save 25%:

See our full MacMedics Blog post from 2010 on the subject.

Stolen 11/16/17-11/17/11 from Washington DC Metro area office at the same time, so these units might surface together at the same place for password removal, or hard drive replacement:

MacBook Pro 17″ C02D71BQDC7C and a 15″ MacBook Pro W870710MW0K

Stolen 11″ MacBook Air from Millersville, MD SE# C02DKHYWDDQX

Stolen 12/7/11 From Washington DC Metro area:

MacBook Pro 17” Matte display C02DJ3G6DHYC. Also had a USB mouse dongle attached.

Stolen 12/15/11 From Millersville, MD area

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011) Serial # C02GJB58DV13
MBP 13.3/2.4/2X2GB/500-5400/SD/GLSY, Apple Limited Warranty

Stolen 1/3/12

W88510P15L9 Macbook Air

Stolen 1/21/12 from the Philadelphia area:

W801912NAGX 15″ MacBook Pro (Mid-2010)

STOLEN 2/6/12 from Onley, MD area in Montgomery County, Maryland at the same time, so these units might surface together at the same place for password removal, or hard drive replacement:

Black MacBook 13″ SE# 4H7012SVWGM w/ PURPLE CLEAR CASE


STOLEN from Riverdale, MD area 21.1″ iMac Serial Number W8016BJT5PC

MacBook Pro 13″ w/ professional DJ software on it W8828K100P2

STOLEN out of baggage in Philadelphia International Airport on a US Air flight en route to Germany summer of 2011.

STOLEN on 1/16/13 from office in Timonium, Maryland

MacBook Pro 15″ Mid-2009 Serial Number: W89353GY644

STOLEN on 1/23/13 from home in Annapolis, Maryland

MacBook Pro 15″ Late-2011 Serial Number: C02GN22DDV7N

STOLEN on 2/20/13 from a locked gym locker at UMBC in Baltimore County (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

MacBook (13-inch Early 2008) White Serial Number: W88325QQ0P1

STOLEN 11/1/2013 from East Baltimore City

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) Serial Number: WQ029R6DATM

Stolen 12/11/14 From State of Maryland

MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) Serial Number: W8849G031AX

Stolen 12/22/13 from Columbia, MD (near Mall)

Macbook Air 13-inch, Intel Core i5, 1.3GHz, 256GB Flash, 8GB (Mid-2013)

Stolen 3/8/14 Macbook Air: C02JP25LDRVG Friday evening at 801 E Street NW, Washington DC, Penn Social Bar, between 8 pm and 10 pm.

Stolen 6/11/15 iMac C02LD0TKDNCR, Mac mini C07K92GNDWYM, 15” MacBook Pro Retina Display, C02J43RSDKQ5 All stolen from Baltimore City

If you have info on any of these units we will forward your information to the owner of the machine and also forward onto law enforcement if needed. Help a fellow Mac user out and do the right thing if you encounter one of these units.

Contact us at mdservice (A T) macmedics (d o t) com or call us toll-free and 1-866-MAC-MEDICS


Pro Tip: Lojack For Laptops Users – Always Have Your Recovery Info With You

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If your laptop gets stolen, and you don’t have quick draw access to your registration info, you could lose critical time in reporting your loss to LoJack For Laptops.

Sounds complicated, right? Nope, It’s super easy.

1. If you don’t have your registration info from LoJack already, then log in to get it.

2. Once you’re logged into your account, print a copy of your license.

3. Print that document, and save it as a PDF to your desktop.

4. Drag that license PDF to iTunes, then it will place the PDF in to your iTunes Library under “Books”.

5. If you have your iPhone set up to “sync” Books, then that PDF will show up in iBook on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Now if you MacBook Pro goes missing or gets ripped off, you have the info you need to report it right at your finger tips on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Also, if you’ve already upgraded to Lion and you have LoJack installed, be sure to follow the steps on our prior Blog post.

Sign up for LoJack for Laptops for Mac on-line:

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Written by Dana Stibolt

July 25th, 2011 at 3:05 pm

LoJack For Laptops Lion Work Around Until Update Is Released

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Update 1/25/12 Lojack For Laptops is not available from the Apple App Store. See our link below for 25% off.

Update 1/8/12: If you don’t already own LoJack for Laptops for your Mac (or PC for that matter), we highly recommend it. Also, a pro tip from your friends here at MacMedics: Just because this product it called Lojack for Laptops, there’s no reason you cannot install it on any Mac computer. Obviously the iSight camera capture features are not going to work on a Mac Pro or Mac mini, but they can still be tracked, erased, and potentially recovered! Since this MacMedics Blog post seems to get quite a bit of traffic, we’re posting our link for special Lojack pricing that is currently 25% off any version, here:

The LoJack team have been working hard to ensure that LoJack for Laptops will be fully compatible with Apple’s new version of OS X, Lion (10.7)

If you plan to upgrade to OS X Lion before July 25th, you will need to take a few simple steps to maintain your LoJack for Laptops protection until our update is fully distributed.

Step 1: Download and Install OS X Lion (10.7) from the Mac App Store

Step 2: Go to and login to access your account (Note: If you have more than one Mac in your account, first click on the Mac you are upgrading.)

Step 3: Click Remove

Step 4: Click Install

Step 5: Download the installer

Step 6: When prompted, enter your registration code.

Step 7: Follow the remaining steps to complete the reinstallation of LoJack for Laptops.

Your LoJack recovery info won’t be of much help to you when you need to report your MacBook or MacBook Pro stolen if you don’t have that info with you. Lojack suggests you print your license info and put it in a safe place. It is not likely that you will be able to find it quickly, or have that info with you while traveling or at work.

Macs get ripped off all the time, so be sure to save this info as a PDF and upload it to your iPhone or iPod touch to iBooks via iTunes, so you’ll have it when you need it the most! See our new Blog post for more info.

Sign up for LoJack for Laptops for Mac here:

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MacMedics Recommends LoJack For Laptops

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If you own an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro we highly recommend LoJack for Laptops be installed on your computer. Also, LoJack can be installed on desktop Macintosh computers as well. Macs are magnets for thieves, so having them protected is a must! When planning for this thing, don’t forget about your backup. Yes computers can be replaced, but your valuable data cannot. If a crackhead looking for quick cash breaks into your place, they will most likely steal your computer and the backup drive that sits next to it. This is a very good reason to also have a “clone” back up hidden in your house, in your safe deposit box, or use an online back up service like Mozy or CrashPlan Pro.

Plus, there are documented stories of Mac users that have had their gear stolen, and used their on-line back up to track down the thief. While the thief is deleting the owns data off the computer he or she is most likely adding their own data. Thieves often don’t know how to work a Mac, so instead of creating a new account, they will just use the existing accounts on the computer. This is a good reason to have an unlocked “Guest” account on the computer. They will add their photos to iPhoto, use iTunes, and nobody can resist using Photo Booth. Also, with Apple Remote Desktop or Back To My Mac, you might be able to monitor your Mac remotely to learn where it is and who has it.

We have had a number of clients who have had their Apple laptops lost to theft this year. This upsets us, so we want to ensure we’re doing all we can to protect your property and your DATA! See our Blog post that lists the serial numbers of Macs and the area they were stolen from here.

We’ve chosen to use LoJack for Laptops for ALL of the MacBooks that are owned by MacMedics. It works well and once it’s installed it’s can’t be removed or detected by the thief who has the laptop.

LoJack for laptops provides theft recovery and remote delete services to protect your sensitive business data. If your laptop were to be lost to theft, you have the ability to track the thief via geo location or IP address reporting, and most likely have your equipment recovered. In situations where your laptop has sensitive data stored on it, you would also have the ability to erase your data remotely, “freeze” your computer, and even have a message displayed announcing the unit has been stolen.

If and when your Apple laptop is stolen, you activate the hidden LoJack software. Once your computer has been reported missing the LoJack team will work will law enforcement to recover your computer. Unlike most other recovery software, LoJack is not a DIY recovery.

It’s also very important to note, that your personal or business data is at a greater risk when it’s stored on a laptop. If your laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, you could lose your data. It’s extra important that you have a tested and working back up of your data. If you need help setting up a back up for your MacBook, MacMedics has solutions starting at $89.

Contact MacMedics if you have any questions, need to purchase LoJack for Laptops, or need assistance with installing, configuring and testing your backup solution.

Learn more about LoJack for Laptops here:

LoJack for Laptops in the news: LoJack helped recover some computers that had been reported stolen from the Charles County Public School system. Both computers were recovered by using computer keystroke tracking was used to discover the identity of the alleged thief. Read more here.

Update 6/4/11: Since the Mac tracking software “Hidden” has been in the news recently, lots of Mac users have been researching laptop tracking software. LoJack offers some features that Hidden does not, one of them being that you can securely “erase” or “lockup” your computer with LoJack. LoJack does not make pictures available to you and I’m not sure if they even use them or not. This is one of the reasons that it might be wise to have two programs installed. One that you can monitor and LoJack to have professional recovery team do their work from the other side.

Here’s the link to the story that was in the news recently.

Sign up for LoJack for Laptops for Mac here: