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Another happy MacMedics customer, who left us a 5-Star Google review:

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Another happy MacMedics customer, who left us a 5-Star Google review. We firmly believe in giving our customers all of the options, even if MacMedics is not the lowest price or the best way to complete the service. The reason we suggested the customer check on the AppleCare+ angle was because he did not buy the AppleCare at the same time he purchased the MacBook Pro. He was within a few months of the AppleCare+ announcement. He could have upgraded to that if he had known about that option.

“I can’t recommend these guys enough! They’re very honest and will do everything in their power to solve your issue, even if it means sending your business to Apple instead of them fixing it. MY STORY: So, in January 2017, I bought my first MacBook Pro, the one with the Touchbar, 15-inch, I had just bought it from Apple directly. I should have shopped local and gave the purchase to MacMedics but that’s a different story. Anyway, this month (December 2017) I had it in my backpack and accidentally dropped it! Boom, cracked screen! NOOOOO!!!!! I paid a lot of money for this bad boy because I’m a techy and must have all the latest specs on my electronics; I paid over $3400 for it, ouch!

So, today, I stopped by MacMedics to get a price quote on fixing the screen. I was unlucky and bought my computer 5 months before Apple offered AppleCare+. So, I’d have to pay out of pocket for the repair because my computer didn’t qualify for AppleCare+ because of when I bought it. Only computers sold in June or later could get AppleCare+ (AppleCare+ protects against accidental damage). MACMEDICS TO THE RESCUE: MacMedics gave me a great and reasonable price quote to fix the screen. But wait… they didn’t just stop there, the one gentleman who works there told me that there is a possibility that the Apple Store may be a little bit cheaper. So, I was going to go to get a price quote for the Apple store BUT WAIT….ONE MORE THING, he said since I had barely missed the opportunity to sign up for AppleCare+ (at that time it wasn’t available to me) I might be able to call Apple Support to see if they can help me out…maybe they’d make an exception? Long story short, I spent about 85 minutes on the Phone talking to everyone at Apple (except Tim Cook). Apple decided to make an exception and waive the full cost of replacing the screen. So, thanks to MacMedics, I was able to save hundreds of dollars. I’d never have thought about calling Apple and would have eaten the cost of the repair. MacMedics will definitely go above and beyond to help anyone! I really appreciate their help and honesty! I’d recommend everyone to go there for all of your Apple Product Purchases and repairs. They’re an impeccable company and great people. Thank you, so much! – An Extremely happy customer.

MacMedics Macintosh Data Recovery Case Files: Army Ranger

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You might recall on Veterans Day we put out an offer for a free data recovery for a veteran who needed some help recovering photos of their service, important life events, and all of their data. Nobody stepped forward.

I am happy to report that we found an Army Ranger who was in need of our services after he dropped his 13” MacBook Pro.

The metal on the edge of the right palm rest (where the hard drive lives) was dented out from the impact of the fall where the force pushed the hard drive so hard it pushed out on the metal in an imprint of one of the edges of the hard drive.

We never really thought that we would be helping to the degree that we did. We were not able to recover 100% of the data due to the damage, but we got most of it. The number of photos of gravesites, combat memorials, and fallen comrades this Ranger had been staggering. It was our honor to bring this data back to him at no cost.

In the process of recovering his data, we decided that we would also fix his broken MacBook Pro screen as well.

If you see a veteran, let them know that you support them, and if you have the ability to pay for their meal, toll, haircut, or help them out with a repair bill why not do it? He told me they are not looking for a free ride, but as Americans there is no way we can ever re-pay the debt to our service men and women. So, if you can do something to acknowledge their service and sacrifice, you should.

MacMedics Is the Only Independent Apple Authorized Service Provider in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

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MacMedics is the ONLY independent Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. MacMedics’ office in Severna Park, MD is close to the Annapolis and Columbia Apple Stores. (Our other office in the area is the MacMedics office in Lanham, MD, which is a good option for those that live or work closer to Washington DC.) So if you’ve got a tough Macintosh repair problem that the Apple Store could not solve, we are the closest place to visit for a second opinion.

MacMedics offers Macintosh help, training, Apple Authorized Service, and Apple Authorized Sales assistance without the hassle of:

A. getting to the mall.

B. finding a parking spot.

C. lugging your iMac or older Mac Pro desktop and walking it all the way through the mall.

D. trying to first get an appointment with an Apple Genius, and then not getting enough time to really pick their brains for expert Macintosh advice.

Plus as an added bonus, most MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air repairs are performed locally right here in our shop. The Apple Store will usually send your unit away for Apple Depot Service.

It’s also important to know that the Apple Store does not perform data recovery. If you think your data is at risk, having anyone look at it further or trying to copy the data in any way is usually a bad idea. As hard drives fail, they generate heat, and as they generate heat they fail further. We’ll remove the drive from your computer and put it right on our data recovery equipment to try and rescue your data. Our fee for this type of recovery is only $499 with a free 1TB USB hard drive. Read more about our process and levels of pricing here.

Our expert Apple Certified employees stand ready to help at anytime. We are super proud to be an award-winning Apple Authorized Service Provider, an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller, an Apple Authorized Government Reseller, and Certified Members of the Apple Consultants Network.

We’re a great alternative to either buying a new Mac or bringing a sick Mac computer to the mall. In fact, we’re the only Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider in Anne Arundel or Prince Georges counties (or in the entire Baltimore or Washington DC area. There is only one other Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider in all of Maryland, according to Apple. This award recognizes us for several things, but most importantly for accuracy and speed of Macintosh repairs. There’s a reason that MacMedics is the most frequently referred service firm for tough Mac service cases, like LCD replacements, liquid damage, vintage or obsolete Mac equipment, and Macintosh data recovery. With well over 65,000 in-lab and on-site service cases and our staff’s combined Mac experience of over 200 years, MacMedics IS the place to bring your sick Mac!

Come visit either of our two fully-staffed and stocked Macintosh Service & Sales locations in Lanham, MD (1 Mile from I-495/I-95 just inside the Beltway of off Rt 50 and Martin Luther King Hwy.) or in Severna Park, MD (near BWI Airport 3 miles from I-97 or 1.5 mile from RT 2 Ritchie Highway).

For folks that live in Anne Arundel County or more specifically, Annapolis, Davidsonville, or Bowie and work in the Baltimore metro area, MacMedics in Severna Park, Maryland IS the most convenient option for Apple sales and service. We stock all of the most common Apple, computers, iPads, iPods, and Apple accessories, like MacBook & MacBook Pro batteries, PowerBook, iBook, and MagSafe and MagSafe 2 power adapters, back up hard drives, and FireWire & USB cables.

Also, in comparison to the Apple Store, our Apple Warranty and AppleCare service is the fastest. Most Apple warranty repairs are generally complete within 24-hours. With our Severna Park store being 3-minutes from I-97 or RT-2 and our Lanham office being 1-minute from RT 50, it’s super easy to get to us and drop off your repairs quickly. Pull up right at our office door and you can be inside in 5 steps.

Got a problem and want to talk about it? Just pick up the phone and call your nearest MacMedics office. It’s unlikely that you can get anyone at the Apple Store on the phone, and most other places just send you to voicemail. You will only get voicemail here if every single phone line we have is tied up (and that does happen).

MacMedics has been in business and fixing Macs all over town since before the Apple Store or anyone else. We are very proud to be celebrating 26-years of service to the Central Maryland, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Northern Virginia area!

MacMedics Saves The Data From A “Crushed” MacBook Pro

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We’re not sure what happened to this 13″ MacBook Pro, but when we asked the client about it, he said he did not want to talk about it. We were able to hook this hard drive up to one of our data recovery suites and recover his data. We then transferred that data to an external hard drive.

You never know what “could” happen to your MacBook, so plan your backup to defend against theft, loss, or accidental damage such as this.

Check our our video below:

Written by Dana Stibolt

July 24th, 2012 at 8:46 am

Sell Or Trade In Your Broken Mac, iPhone, iPod, Or iPad To MacMedics

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MacMedics will accept your working, non-working, or damaged Apple hardware as a trade in credit towards a new Apple Macintosh computer, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod. You can also apply a trade in credit towards service on your existing Mac that might be in need of repairs or data recovery.

If you have broken or outdated gear just lying around, MacMedics will even purchase some broken, liquid damaged, or outdated Apple Computers, iPads, or iPods for cash. Older equipment, or units with extreme damage can be dropped off at either Millersville or Lanham for free e-waste recycling.

Both our Severna Park and Lanham offices can accept stuff for trade. Call us at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS to discuss what you have and how it can be valued.

MacMedics Macintosh Service Case File: MacBook Pro That Was Tossed Down A Hallway

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Here is a MacBook Pro that was thrown down a hallway. Thankfully MacMedics was able to save the data. Other than the data, the machine is a total loss. The SuperDrive is bent, the case is heavily damaged, the glass is broken and the LCD is also cracked.

While we were able to save the data, this is an extra expense for our client. A better solution would be to have your data fully backed up. If you need help setting up the “Golden Triangle” of backups, talk to your local MacMedics office. We have backup solutions starting at $89 for 320 GBs.

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Written by Dana Stibolt

July 13th, 2011 at 8:25 am

MacMedics Case File: Child Destroys New Unibody MacBook Pro

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This MacBook Pro Unibody came into our Washington DC office. The story is that the unit was destroyed by an angry child. This unit was purchased new on March 25, 2011. Our techs checked this unit out and it’s totaled, so it will need to be replaced. Let’s hope the client can claim this on his credit card Buyer Protection or insurance!

Apple Updates MacBook Pro Family

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MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Reseller and can supply you or your company with the latest Macintosh computers from Apple. Come visit our Walk-In Service Centers in Millersville and Lanham, Maryland to grab the latest gear from Apple or to obtain Apple Warranty service

Apple Updates MacBook Pro Family

The MacBook Pro family has been updated with next-generation processors and graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology, and a new FaceTime HD camera. It delivers unprecedented performance in a patented aluminum unibody design that is as thin and light as ever.

Key features:

-Dual-core and quad-core processors—The latest Intel Core i5 and i7 dual-core and quad-core processors provide up to twice the performance compared to previous generations.

-High-performance graphics—Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 are part of every MacBook Pro model. 15- and 17-inch models also include AMD Radeon HD graphics and up to 1GB of video memory, delivering up to three times the performance over previous MacBook Pro models.

-Thunderbolt port—This groundbreaking I/O technology allows you to connect up to six high-speed peripherals, including a high-resolution display.

-FaceTime HD camera—Make widescreen video calls with three times the resolution of the previous MacBook Pro camera. The FaceTime for Mac App comes on all new MacBook Pro models and is also available for Intel-based Macs from the Mac App Store.

If you’ve been waiting for the new MacBook to hit the streets, MacMedics will gladly take your old MacBook (working or not) in trade for a new one. In fact, MacMedics will accept any Intel based Macintosh as a trade in. Even if you’ve got a major issue, liquid damage, or a cracked LCD, we’ll still consider it. Don’t forget that the longer your “dead” or unused Mac sits the less it’s worth. We can also accept broken iPhones and sometime even iPods as well in trade. Don’t let your old stuff sit around and lose value.

MacMedics Bring Your Own Hard Drive Installation Service $150

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So you have an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro that needs a larger hard drive. Not an uncommon problem.

Maybe someone in your family decided to give you the gift of a bare hard drive, or maybe you have another 2.5” drive that is kicking around. In either case you decide that you don’t have the time, knowledge, or tools to install the drive into your Mac computer. Also, if your Apple laptop is under warranty, the hard drive is NOT a user installable part, so if you install it yourself, you’ll void your Apple warranty. Thankfully, MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider who employs Apple Certified Technicians.

MacMedics to the rescue! We’ve installed thousands of hard drives in Apple laptops, so we can install yours as well. For $150 we’ll install your new hard drive and perform a bit-by-bit clone of your data from your old drive to your new hard drive. As long as your old drive is healthy enough to copy, $150 is all you pay. In most cases this service can be performed same day, if you bring in your Apple laptop in the morning.

Don’t have your own hard drive and you don’t trust Best Buy to sell you the right speed, brand, or size of hard drive? Don’t worry as both MacMedics service locations in Millersville and Lanham, Maryland stock all sizes, speeds, and types of drives.

So from 160 GB all the way up to 1 TB (depending on your model of laptop), we can help!

MacBook Pro Superhero Makes An Appearance At MacMedics

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We thought our readers would enjoy this take on Iron Man as Mac Man. We’re not 100% sure if this is commercial or not. It looks home made. We like how the Apple logo was styled to fit the art work.

After seeing the above picture, one of our clients sent a picture of his Mac in:

This MacBook Pro Batman was spotted at Create Baltimore conference.