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MacMedics 5-Star Review – “One chef will have to use this malfunctioning laptop as their ONLY HEAT SOURCE!”

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We had to share this recent 5-Star MacMedics review that mentions Alton Brown and Sandy the Shop Cat the shop kat. Enjoy.

“My five-year-old, well-out-of-warranty (but dearly loved) 17” MacBook Pro committed suicide last Thursday evening. It had been behaving perfectly 99.9% of the five years I’ve owned it, then it went glitchy with video and virtually flamed out. It was HOT. Alton Brown could have used it as a heat source for a punishment on “Cutthroat Kitchen” (“One chef will have to use this malfunctioning laptop as their ONLY HEAT SOURCE…”). There was a sizzling-snap noise and it was dead. I have a lot of IT experience and have built and rebuilt countless Windows PCs and laptops. While I suspected the logic board (what everyone else calls a system board or motherboard), I wasn’t sure.

I don’t *want* a new laptop. So I logged in to make an appointment at the Apple Store for a repair quote. While I expected it to be traumatic, I didn’t expect the first trauma to be trying to simply get an appointment. The first available option was five days out! How could I survive in limbo for five days? Then I noticed that there are several Apple-annointed independent computer repair options in the area! SAVED!

Honestly, I chose MacMedics partly for the quickly-available appointment and partly because they have a store cat. The store cat is most excellent and fluffy, by the way. If you go there, give the kitty gentle head scritches but not back pets.

ANYHOW, the laptop died Thursday night and I took it to them Friday at lunchtime. It took about 2 minutes for them to inform me that the logic board had been fried by the failure of the video chip, that it’s an $800 part, and *that there is an extended warranty that covers the issue until the end of this calendar year!* They were able to bill the entire repair to Apple. So having my laptop attempt self-immolation is aggravating, but timing is everything.

MacMedics ordered the part immediately, and let me know that they couldn’t predict how long it would take to arrive. They did inform me of the updates I would receive by email. Off I went to be limited to an iPad over the weekend and possibly for longer. Well, on Monday (literally the next business day) I got a lunchtime email letting me know that the repair was complete. Top notch service!

As a side note, they inquired about my data backup solution without being pushy-selly about it (which is good, as I had that covered), and made a couple of security observations that were helpful and appropriate.

All-in-all, MacMedics is a good alternative to the Apple Store. Especially since the Apple Store is completely lacking in resident cats.”

MacMedics 5-Star Review: Amazing service!!

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Amazing service!! Had a Mac that I recently acquired for my children. Brought all three kids to the store and Chris K. took amazing care of us. Even helped me entertain the kids. A+++ service. Will be going back to see them again.

Doug R.
Pasadena, Maryland

Written by Dana Stibolt

July 14th, 2015 at 7:13 am

Emergency MacMedics Memorial Day Weekend Macintosh Data Recovery & Repair

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MacMedics is an expert Apple Service and Repair shop that specializes in Macintosh Data Recovery and Difficult Apple Repairs

Update 3/8/14: MacMedics now charges $499 for our famous Data Recovery One service. However, we do now include a free 1TB USB hard drive to return your data to (if you send or bring us a bare hard drive), or it can be used as your future Time Machine backup hard drive so you NEVER have to go through the data recovery process again. See our website for more info:

“I have to tell you about the wonderful experience I had with MacMedics, namely Dana Stibolt. It was Memorial Day weekend (Friday) and one of our Macs at THE LAND of KUSH vegan restaurant in Baltimore went haywire. The software wouldn’t launch. We kept seeing a spinning circle but no progress. After running HD diag and determining that there was possibly something wrong with the HD, we debated between going to the Apple store and purchasing a new one or seeking out other alternatives. We recalled one of our customers, Dana Stibolt, working for this company MacMedics so we reached out to him to get some direction. The million dollar question…”Is your data worth $200?” The answer, “YES!” Dana came out the same day to diagnose the problem. The hard drive needed to be replaced but most importantly HE SAVED OUR DATA!!!!! Everything was back to normal by Tuesday afternoon! Thanks a million, Dana!!!”

Naijha Wright
The Land of Kush
Baltimore, MD

Written by Dana Stibolt

June 10th, 2013 at 8:07 am

Looking For MacMedics On-Line Reviews? Here’s Two Of Our Latest Five-Star Reviews

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10/13/2012 Billy S. Chester, MD 5 Stars

This place was great, the employees were all very helpful and kind, and went over and above what was expected. My computer died on me, and they were able to salvage the hard drive, back it up on an external drive, and lend me a computer for a week… all within the span of about 4 hours. I needed to have all this done because I was traveling for work the next day. The price was reasonable, and the owner, Dana, actually stayed a solid 2 1/2 hours past their closing time to wait with me as the external drive was backed up. He’s a very smart man, kind and considerate, and I will recommend this place to anyone who ever has any issues with their apple products.

Thanks a ton Dana, you rock!

9/24/2012 Michael F. Glen Burnie, MD 5 Stars

I called the day prior to my visit and left message. My telephone call was promptly returned in a short time period. I was having a problem with my MacBook with it not powering up or charging properly and was told to stop by during office hours. when I got to the store I was featured with a smile and told a technician works come out and help me and with seconds a representative by the name of Chris came out to assist me.

Chris quickly diagnosedthe problem I was having and fixed it immediately. He then took the time to show me a few things about Apple technology that I was not even aware of.

These guys are the next best thing to going to a Apple store which I’m sure had I went I’d still be waiting for my computer instead of writing this review right now. two thumbs up!

Written by Dana Stibolt

October 28th, 2012 at 12:15 pm

More 5 Star Reviews for MacMedics & We’re Super Easy To Get To!

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Time after time, the feelings our client expresses below ring true. If you’re fed up with other Apple service and sales options, then you need to come see MacMedics in Millersville or Lanham. We’re the leading provider of Apple Service both in-lab and on-site in the Mid-Atlantic region.

For folks that live in Anne Arundel County and work in the Washington DC or Baltimore metro area, MacMedics has offices right off of RT 50 just outside the DC beltway in Lanham and 1/10 of a mile from I-97 at Benfield Blvd in Millersville. MacMedics IS the most convenient option for Apple sales and service. We stock all of the most common Apple, computers, iPads, iPods, and Apple accessories, like MacBook & MacBook Pro batteries, G4 and MagSafe power adapters, back up hard drives, and FireWire & USB cables. Also, in comparison to the Apple Store, our Apple Warranty and AppleCare service is the fastest. Most Apple warranty repairs are generally complete within 24 hours. It’s super easy to get to us and drop off your repairs quickly. Pull up right at our office door and you can be inside in 10 steps.

I have been using MacMedics for years and they are the only people our graphic designer friend would trust near his Mac and his data.

They have rescued me (my desktop or laptop) many times. They give wonderful suggestions–and not to just buy a new whatever–and they did a (diagnostic fee) refund for the time my dropped iMac really was beyond saving.

I could buy with an educator discount, but prefer to instead buy from MacMedics. Unlike making me deal with the mob and the screaming kids beating on computers in the Apple Store, MacMedic staff aren’t pretenious enough to have a “Genius Bar”. I really don’t enjoy feeling like a super dummy having to ask a bored, Gen Y’er, a question only to be answered in some type of geek-speak. I’m happy the Apple Store is in our Mall but delighted when I have MacMedic as a wonderful alternative to going to the Apple Store.

MacMedics also talks directly to me, one-on-one. I don’t have to perch on a stool to hear a canned training and be frustrated with the diversity of users perched around me.

Could be another generational issue for me but as I walk to the rear of the Apple Store it seems to get louder and darker. I always want to take my receipt and rush out for some fresh air.

Granted my GPS typically gets me a bit lost in the Millersville office park but I love being able to pull up to the door to drop off or pick up. I know the names of most of the Millersville staff. Really comforting when I’m having a tech crisis.

Dr. C
Columbia, MD

We Fix Mac Problems As Fast And As Inexpensively As Possible (Sometimes for FREE!)

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A new customer to MacMedics was in a bit of a bind with her Mac, so we told her to swing by and we’d see if we could fix it for her. Turns out it was simple enough that we could fix it while she waited. Best of all we took care of her issues for free. See her review from Yelp below.

I went into Mac Medics, needing the password to my MacBook Pro reset as well as new screws that hold the bottom of my laptop on. I had my hard drive replaced at a Mac store in another state and they returned my computer to me without the screws! I walked into Mac Medics and ten minutes later, they returned my computer to me and I was out the door with a new password and a whole computer….FOR NO CHARGE. Not to mention they were incredibly nice and professional. I highly recommend going to them for all of you Mac needs.

Sara M.
Glen Burnie

Written by Dana Stibolt

March 25th, 2012 at 3:17 pm

More Praise For MacMedics Baltimore

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This is a review that was posted by our client, Ty Ford on Google on 7/28/11. You can read the review on Google here.

Mac Medics RULES! Back in the day, you could call Apple and ask a question (or more) and get a nice person to answer that question. It used to be that way at XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX in Baltimore, but the last time I called (a few years back) and asked for a little help figuring out a kink in my wireless network, they were ready to send out a person and charge me a $250.00 minimum. So when I started the G5 up this morning and all the folder icons were gone, (files were there, just no folder icons) I searched the web, found no solution. Ran Disk Utility and Disk Warrior. They found things, fixed them, but didn’t solve the problem. I finally called Mac Medics, whom I had dealt with before. Matthew suggested doing an archive and install. I had never done one, even after all these years. In five sentences he gave me what I needed to know to safely get on with my repairs. It took a little time to get some of my apps reinstalled, but I was back on the road. And he didn’t charge me a dime. THANK YOU MAC MEDICS.

Were you happy with the service at MacMedics Lanham or Millersville? If so would help us spread the word about our good Apple service? Thanks in advance!

MacMedics DC
MacMedics DC

MacMedics Baltimore
MacMedics Baltimore

MacMedics Case File: A Happy Ending To A Valentines Day Data Recovery

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We love helping our clients with tough problems. It would however be great if we did not have to grapple with difficult data recoveries under stress. Basically, we don’t like to see our customers cry, when data is lost. The following is a review that one of our clients just posted over on Yelp. Thankfully this story has a happy ending. Also, we had forgot about the iPhone that we fixed that fell off the roof of a car. That was a pretty epic repair.

If you’d like to check into the multiple Yelp reviews we have, be sure to take a look at our “Filtered Reviews”. Turns out, that our reviews are so positive that Yelp’s review filter thinks most of them are fake.

“I have been a Mac user now for about 6 years and any time I have had anything minor to major issues I have gone right to Mac Medics. These guys are seriously like under cover angels.

One time I left my iPhone on the roof of my car and it flew off going 55 mph. These guys were able to salvage my phone and it was completely affordable. They did it fast too!

Recently my friend’s hard drive failed. She and I both are photographers and our hard drives are everything. They could tell we were both very upset and despite it being an incredibly difficult fix that would normally be around $400 they agreed to try and figure something out and try and help us the best they could for a much more affordable price. To quote them “lets put our hearts and our minds into this and do our best.”

They really are amazing guys and they will ALWAYS get my business and I will always take my fellow Mac users there.”

Ashley B.
Baltimore, MD