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MacMedics Is The Only Apple Authorized Service Provider In Prince George’s County, Maryland

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MacMedics is the ONLY Apple Authorized Service Provider and the only independent Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller In Prince George’s County, Maryland. MacMedics’ office in Lanham is also one of the closest Apple Authorized Service Providers to the Annapolis Apple Store. (The other being the MacMedics office in Millersville, MD.) So if you’ve got a tough Macintosh repair problem that the Apple Store could not solve, then we are one of the closest places to come get a second opinion.

(The only other Apple Reseller in PG county, other than MacMedics is Best Buy in College Park, MD.)

If you need Macintosh help, training, Apple Authorized Service, or Apple Authorized Sales assistance without the hassle of:

A. Getting to the mall.

B. Finding a parking spot.

C. Lugging your iMac or older Mac Pro desktop and walking it all the way thru the mall.

D. Trying to first get an appointment with an Apple Genius, and then not really getting enough time to really pick their brains for expert Macintosh advice.

It’s also important to know that the Apple Store does not perform data recovery. If you think your data is at risk, setting up your computer on the Genius Bar to copy your data, is not a good idea. As hard drives fail, they generate heat, and as the generate heat they fail more. We’ll remove the drive from your computer and put it right on our data recovery equipment to try and rescue your data. Our fee for this type of recovery is only $399 with a free 500 GB USB hard drive. Read more about our process and levels of pricing here.

(Plus as an added bonus, most MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air repairs are performed locally right here in or shop. The Apple Store will often send your laptop away for Apple Depot Service)

Our expert Apple Certified employees stand ready to help at anytime. We are super proud to be an award-winning Apple Authorized Service Provider, an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller, an Apple Authorized Government Reseller AND Certified Members of the Apple Consultants Network (and MacMedics is the ONLY ACN member located in Prince Georges County, Maryland. We’re a great alternative to either buying a new Mac or bringing a sick Mac computer to the Mall. MacMedics is also a multiple repeat winner of Apple’s “Commitment To Excellence Award”. In fact, we’re the only Apple Authorized Service Provider In Anne Arundel or Prince Georges counties to win this award according to Apple. This award recognizes us for several things, but most importantly for accuracy and speed of Macintosh repairs. There’s a reason that MacMedics is the most frequently referred service firm for tough Mac service cases, like LCD replacements, liquid damage, vintage or obsolete Mac equipment, and Macintosh data recovery. With well over 60,000 in-lab and on-site service cases and our staff’s combined Mac experience of over 200 years, MacMedics IS the place to bring your sick Mac!

We also perform Hard Drive Upgrades (under warranty or not) and expert Macintosh Data Recovery, two things you simply can’t get at ANY Apple Store. Plus, if you do need a new hard drive, we can upgrade the size, speed, and you get a 1-year warranty from MacMedics (and usually there is at least another 1-year of warranty from the manufacturer), compared to like-for-like hard drive swap at the Apple Store, plus there you only get a 90-day warranty.

Come visit either of our TWO fully-staffed and stocked Macintosh Service & Sales locations in Lanham, MD (1 Mile from I-495/I-95 just inside the Beltway of off Rt 50 and Martin Luther King Hwy.) or in Millersville, MD (near BWI Airport 1/10 of a mile from I-97).

For folks that live in Anne Arundel County or more specifically, Annapolis, Davidsonville, or Bowie and work in the Washington DC metro area, MacMedics in Lanham, Maryland IS the most convenient option for Apple sales and service. We stock all of the most common Apple, computers, iPads, iPods, and Apple accessories, like MacBook & MacBook Pro batteries, PowerBook, iBook, and MagSafe power adapters, back up hard drives, and FireWire & USB cables. Also, in comparison to the Apple Store, our Apple Warranty and AppleCare service is the fastest. Most Apple warranty repairs are generally complete within 24-hours. With our Lanham office being 1 minute from RT 50, it’s super easy to get to us and drop off your repairs quickly. Pull up right at our office door and you can be inside in 10 steps.

Got a problem? Wanna’ talk about it? Just pick up the phone and call your nearest MacMedics office. It’s unlikely that you can get anyone at the Apple Store on the phone, and most other places just send you to voicemail. You will only get voicemail here if everysing phone line we have is tied up (and that does happen).

MacMedics has been in business and fixing Macs all over town since before the Apple Store or anyone else. We are very proud to have just celebrated our 24nd anniversary servicing the Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington DC areas.

One other great thing about coming to visit us, is the fact that parking is here is not an issue, and it’s free and 10 easy steps right into our office. So, avoid the time consuming search for parking when you’re trying to find someplace to park the Mall.

AppleCare Customer Drives 60 Miles AND Past the Annapolis Apple Store To Get To MacMedics

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Here’s a note that one of our clients posted on an on-line review site supporting us. Please see our MacMedics Blog post on why bringing your Mac to MacMedics is better than making a trip to the Apple Store in the mall.

“Yesterday I picked up my MacBook from the Severna Park MacMedics location (near BWI). You’re gonna’ think MacMedics paid me to write this, but they didn’t.

Here goes: I drive 60 miles each way to take our MacBooks and iMacs to MacMedics if something goes wrong. Mac owners will back me up when tell I you it’s once a year or less. Things like the case chipping, the power cord needing replacement. Once I couldn’t get the chime on start-up and wondered if something was wrong. Ended up being some motherboard and power control thing. And the time my hard drive crashed and burned. They had me from hello. I walked in with my problem, and they spoke Mac to me. Fluently. From then, and each time I go in, whether it’s for a hardware warranty repair, or even a “why’s it doing this?” question, they listen, they help, and they teach. I almost never leave without them passing along a cool website for my Mac. Computer geeks in the best sense of the phrase, really! I bypass (literally) the Apple Store at the Annapolis Mall to get to MacMedics. For me, they do the job right each and every time. Submitted with highest regard. VE”

Stop! Before You Make A Trip To The Annapolis Apple Store, See This Checklist First

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Before you make an appointment for the Genius Bar, drive to the mall, find a parking spot, and then lug your iMac through the Annapolis Mall to get to the Apple Store, please consider supporting your local neighborhood Mac shop! We’ve been providing both Apple desktop and laptop repairs, service, and sales in the Annapolis area side 1989. While we’re an independent Apple sales, service, and consulting firm, MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Service Provider and Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller.

Need more convincing? Take a look at these comments that were sent to Apple from clients who we performed Apple Warranty or AppleCare service for recently:

The service was the best I have ever had on any product. Thanks!

Technician was helpful and provided additional information on a completely unrelated topic. It was a very good experience.

My experience with Mac Medics was amazing. I felt at ease leaving my MacBook in their hands.

Just want to say that Mac Medics offers the best quality service for your products

They were fantastic the service was quick the people were friendly and willing to answer all of my questions

I was extremely satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of Mac Medics I will not hesitate to use them in the future and I have already highly recommended them to my co workers for all of their Mac needs.

I could not be more happy with the combined service of Apple and Mac Medics. Mac Medics had it couriered to their location and I had it back on Tuesday after the Holiday. I mean serious who works this fast? While the rest of the country enjoyed their 3-day weekend somebody was working on my problem. My satisfaction is off of the charts and I have told many peers and coworkers this amazing story. Thanks again!!!!

Stop! Before You Make A Trip To The Annapolis Apple Store, See This Checklist First

Visit MacMedics in Millersville (near BWI airport) or Lanham, Maryland (near RT 50 & I-495) the next time you need Mac sales or service.

See our Blog post with all the details on why to come see MacMedics instead of trekking to the Apple Store. Clients that come to see us, often tell us they will never go back to the Apple Store for Macintosh sales OR service!

Or review this quick top 10 reasons here:

1. No appointment is needed: No need to call ahead when you’re ready to come visit MacMedics! Just walk in and our Apple Certified Techs will take great care of you.

2. No lines: We’re always busy, but there’s almost never a wait to speak to a MacMedic Tech.

3. Quick Check In: Tell us what your Mac’s issue or problem is, and we’ll get right on the case!

4. No lugging your iMac, Mac Pro, or G5 through the mall: Our front door is less then 10 steps from our parking lot.

5. Quick Turn-Around: Our goal for in-lab service it to have it done in less then 72 hours. Most repairs take less time, and if that’s the case then your Mac will be back to you even quicker! The majority of our Apple Warranty or AppleCare repairs are done in about 24 hours.

6. Hassle free warranty: Got a Mac that needs out of warranty service? The Apple Store only offers a 90-day service warranty. MacMedics “Hassle Free” warranty is a full 1-year!

7. Need a new Mac? We’ve got them: Come pick out what Mac you want, and we’ll be happy to help with no sales hype! Best of all you don’ have to wait your turn.

8. Full Repair Services for iPhone & iPods: The Apple store might do a whole unit replacement for an exorbitant flat-fee, or offer a small discount for buying a new unit (and trading in your old iPod), MacMedics will fix just the problem your iPhone or iPod has, thus saving you money.

9. MacMedics CAN fix the stuff the Apple Store can’t or won’t: If you’ve been quoted an exorbitant amount of money to have your Mac fixed at the Apple Store, MacMedics can help! Be it Liquid damage, a fried logic board, SuperDrive replacement, broken LCD or MacBook Pro glass, and severe Macintosh laptop case damage are all offered at MacMedics and often for hundreds of dollars less then Apple (or anywhere else!). ALL repairs are covered by our 1-year warranty.

10. The Apple Store Can’t Upgrade Your Hard Drive: MacMedics Can! See our new blog post from 1/30/10 to get all of the details. A common issue we help clients with here at MacMedics is “upgrading” or “retiring” a failed (or perfectly good) hard drive. What many people don’t know is that we can “upgrade” your computer to a larger size hard drive,(or a Solid State hard drive) even if your hard drive has failed under Apple warranty.

The Apple Store Cant Upgrade Your Hard Drive. MacMedics Can!

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The Apple Store won’t upgrade your hard drive for you. But, MacMedics can, and we can do so either in or out of Apple warranty.

Here’s a common hard drive scenario that we help MacMedics clients with every day.

Your hard drive has failed, but you’d like to replace with a larger hard drive.

This makes perfect sense. Your MacBook with a 120 GB hard drive kicks the bucket, and in the process of replacing it, you’d like to upgrade it. MacMedics can help!

In Warranty: If your Mac is under warranty AND it’s hard drive fails, we can upgrade you to a larger capacity hard drive “under warranty”. All you do is pay for a new hard drive in the capacity of your choice.

Here’s how it happens:

1. We diagnose your computer’s hard drive as failed.
2. We order a new hard drive from Apple.
3. We install a new third party hard drive in the capacity of your choice.
4. We will install a new operating system on your new hard drive. (good time to upgrade your OS if you wish!)
5. You pay MacMedics for the cost of the new hard drive.
6. We send your old hard drive back to Apple.
7. We give you the Apple replacement hard drive to keep.

Your total cost: Just the price of a new hard drive, assuming we don’t also have to worry about or recover any of your data.

The free “original” size hard drive is yours to keep and you can sell it, keep it as a spare part, or use it to upgrade one of your other Macintosh computers.

Installing a new, large, faster, and more robust hard drive in your Macintosh does not void your AppleCare warranty. The only caveat that you have to keep in mind is that the Apple warranty WILL NOT cover the third party hard drive under Apple’s warranty. But if it should fail it is covered by a 1-year MacMedics warranty.

Out Of Warranty: If your Mac is out of warranty, we can also replace your hard drive with any size hard you would like. Most hard drive “upgrades” or “retirements” are done for our flat fee of $150 plus the cost of the hard drive. (Black or White original MacBooks are done for $99)

Obviously, if we have to recover your data from a failing hard drive, and provide other services in order to get your computer back in shape other charges may apply.

Here’s how it happens:

1. We diagnose your computer’s hard drive as failed.
2. You choose a new hard drive size and speed.
3. We install that new hard drive for you.
4. We clone your data from old hard drive to new hard drive
5. We test and run updates on your computer.

MacMedics keeps all popular hard drive sizes and speeds in stock at all times, so we can get you back on-line as quickly as possible.

This is just one more reason that MacMedics is often a better choice than trekking to your local Apple Store and dragging your iMac or Mac Pro through the mall.